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50 Rep Leg Press

I know leg pressing isn’t that impressive, but I decided to go for broke yesterday on my last set and bang out as many reps as I could. This was after 10 sets of 5 on squats.


Damn bro, you’re a beast.

Jesus are people really that desperate for attention that they have to start screaming.

Nice job dude. Out of curiousity, have you ever tried the combo of leg press/sissy squats as a finisher for leg days?

Pretty brutal but good… Leg press for 20 reps, no rest sissy squats for 12 reps. Not a fan of using the leg press mostly (i’m mostly PL kinda guy), but gotta admit this is a fucking great finisher for repetition leg days.

Good work CS.

Lols at the screaming though.

How are the legs feeling now?


what’s with the screaming and crying?

if u have like 20-30 reps in you i see no need for the theatrics

its like my gym where this guy benches 2 plates and screams on every rep, sigh

Hmmm, okay, you want a high-rep leg workout on the leg press? (As per the Mountain Dog himself.)

6pps x 50
7pps x 40
8pps x 30
9pps x 20
10pps x 10

Adjust weights as necessary. You should feel your legs are going to explode halfway through the first set, though, and this should be continuous repping - no stopping.

Yeah seriously tho, no friggin moaning and crying. Good lifting, just be quiet and lift

Nice, but next time don’t try to sound like a really bad S/M porno. Quiet the fuck down, you moaned and screamed for half your reps.

After I finished benching this for 10 reps I would of came over and stole your plates while you were doing it, just for all that screaming.

Are you guys related?

Confirmed OP is Beta.

I expected to hear him cry out “fuck me daddy”

Why the hate for the screaming? I scream, grunt, and call people names as soon as I enter the gym. It’s awesome.

[quote]In10s wrote:

Are you guys related?[/quote]

LMFAO what the fuck is her problem seriously? If I was spotter I probably would have had to kick her in the head.

2 weeks ago, on the “leg day”, John Meadows made me perfom :
50-40-30-20-10 reps on the leg press, increasing weight on each set.

I’m still hating him for that !

C’mon people: it’s like no one remembers what it was like to be 18 years old. Give the guy a break.

OP, this post isn’t really bodybuilding related anyway: belongs (if anywhere) in “Performance Photos.”

[quote]optheta wrote:
Confirmed OP is Beta.[/quote]

Better than being theta.

When I used to train with Masters Powerlifting Champion John Gallagher, he used to make me do 3 sets of Leg Press 20-50 reps after Squats, was a killer!

[quote]Reed wrote:

[quote]In10s wrote:

Are you guys related?[/quote]

LMFAO what the fuck is her problem seriously? If I was spotter I probably would have had to kick her in the head.[/quote]

Looks like her knee tracking is off. That hurts. I’d be screaming too.

Btw, CS, try not to get into the habit of locking your knees that often during breathers. That kind of repetitive compression isn’t good for the joints, and the weight causes your knees to bounce in a bit as it bears down.

It was an impressive set, especially considering it followed 10x5 squats.