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50 Reasons I Love Home Workouts


Yeah I was bored at work today.....
These are in no sort of order just what came to mind.

  1. Putting my surround sound to good use. Playing whatever I want as loud as I want.
  2. Knowing the only sweat on my bench is MINE
  3. Working out in shorts sandals and no shirt if I fell like it
  4. Taking that uhh almost mandatory ?break? after my second set of squats.
  5. Taking that break in my private bathroom.

  6. Knowing everything will be exactly as I left it and no one will be doing curls in my squat rack when I get back.

  7. Sticking my head in the freezer to recover in between sets of deadlifts
  8. Grabbing an ice cold fresh bottle of water from said freezer.
  9. My Power blocks
  10. With the average gym fee being 40 bucks a month here that means I can spend about 500 bucks a year on new equipment.

  11. The fact I probably will end up spending way more than that

  12. puking off my deck after 20 rep squats.
  13. A neighborhood cat or dog will clean it up for me later.
  14. Using as much chalk as I want.
  15. Ice cold Surge premixed in my fridge waiting for me.

  16. A nice big piece of chicken breast and a sweet potato waiting an hour later.

  17. Never forgetting my Spike at home.
  18. No 140 lb kid doing cheat ?curls? 3 feet from a mirror
  19. Not needing a male escort to walk me to my car in the parking lot because someone looked at me funny in the gym.
  20. Doing any sort of strange exercise or Olympic lift without half the gym staring at me.

  21. Knowing that crack in the concrete is from a failed deadlift PR

  22. Looking at that crack later and laughing because I just added another 40 lbs to my deadlift PR
  23. Buying rubber mats so I don?t mess the concrete up anymore.
  24. A squat rack makes a good focal point and conversation piece for a deck.
  25. Adding on a garage to my house so I can expand my gym and work out indoors.

  26. No one can see me use a Swiss ball when I fell like it.

  27. Using the same bench every time.
  28. Using the garden hose to cool off between sets on hot days.
  29. My little brother staying with me for a couple weeks over the summer to eat train and sleep so he can add some mass before he goes back to school.
  30. Taking a shower in my own shower.

  31. Setting up my weights the night before my workout in the morning.

  32. No distractions giving me the ability to focus on myself.
  33. The money and time I save not commuting to a gym.
  34. All my supplements on top of the fridge within easy access.
  35. No one talking on a cell phone while I wait for them to be done with the station I need to use next.

  36. Never having to work in on a set.

  37. Doing yard work for GPP.
  38. Not getting distracted by the blonde on the adductor machine.
  39. No New Year?s resolution rush.
  40. Complete peacefulness just you and the weights.

  41. No one giving me bad advice.

  42. No one asking for advice and not listening.
  43. Working out when I fell like it doesn?t matter if it is 4 am or 11 pm.
  44. Knowing I am the strongest person at my gym.
  45. Taking a second ?break? after a set of walking lunges

  46. My neighbors thinking I am crazy and leaving me alone.

  47. Watching DVR?d episodes of UFC Ultimate Fight Night after my workout.
  48. Never taking weight off just adding more and more every week.
  49. Inviting a girl over for dinner and her asking ?How much weight is that?!?
  50. Dropping deadlifts and cleans however I damn well fell like.

Fell free to add your own or why you don't like working out at home


All the concentration goes into the muscle and bar... and not the hawt female ass starin at me.


I just find it amazing we are posting a month into the future!


haha i love it. working out home is always so much simpler.

how about these:

never forgetting to bring my workout log (i have a whiteboard in my workout room)

having easy access to the internet

getting a couple sets in before bed

doing 42 seconds of cardio and no-one looking at you funny

never having to hear "eye of the tiger"


I'd have to say my all time favorite thing of working out at home is that I can, and do, squat rack curls without all you T-men bitching about it :slight_smile:

But I also love to do my squats and deadlifts with no shoes on, and there really aren't many gyms that allow it.

I also enjoy finding...ummm...other uses... for the bench and other pieces of equipment :wink:


Yeah, what's up with that...my birthday is supposed to be tomorrow but I guess its getting skipped this year...T-Nation style.


Nice list, it was fairly well thought out!

I will one day have my own home gym... But first I need my own home!


The occasional workout in the nude.


It's akin to Y2K.

Happy Birthday, halfpint.


Coming to the realization that you're brokeback.

  1. Not needing a male escort to walk me to my car in the parking lot because someone looked at me funny in the gym.

wonder if anyone else picked up on this. that was flat out hilarious!!

  1. Taking that break in my private bathroom.

good one! i just started training in my garage with my own equipment about 2 weeks ago and this is the biggest perk by far.


sure did, pure gold.


Dude...not to take anything away from this thread, but I tried to come up with 50 reasons I love gym workouts...and I got bored after about five. How long did this take you?


about 30 minutes,
I worked out at lunch went back to work and wrote it out.
Spike kind of gets my mind racing.....


I can be done with my workout in less time than it takes most people to get ready and drive to the gym. Plus, my weights are all available whenever I want them, so if I feel like doing an extra set of one arm military presses, or weighted chinups, or whatever, I can just get it done.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of working out at home is that I get to work out with my kids. There's nothing quite a motivating as watching your little boy deadlift your kettlebell or having your little girl count your reps while doing Tabata Front Squats.

"Come on dad, you can do better than that!"


That's because there's not many more reasons than those to love working out in a commercial gym!

In fact, the only pluses I found to not working out at home was that I could take as long as I wanted in the shower without worrying about heat and water bills, and that I didn't have to clean up the bathroom floor afterwards.

I can't wait to have a home gym!

KO421, do you have bumper plates? That's my big dream :slightly_smiling:

  1. Not getting distracted by the blonde on the adductor machine.

How is this a good thing? That's one of the benefits of a fitness facility!!!

Nice list - Especially the "breaks".


Yea very true that is probaly the best thing about a public gym, the hotties
I meant from a productive stand point and me not dropping a big dumbbell on my foot


No, I wish! I have probaly the most raw basic setup you can have, I have a cheap squat rack a olympic weight set with bar(duh) and weight tree. a set of powerblocks a dip belt Random curl bars, an adjustable bench, etc. All on my back deck (under the awning)
another olympic set with weights and bar on the concrete out front for deads and such.

I want to buy a hi low pulley setup for my powerrack next and the last powerblock add on set.