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50+ Push Ups, Over 70 Yrs Old


I wasn't sure where to post this and I hope it isn't a repost but I was impressed and had to post it... over 70 year old lady.



Even more impressive... 75 in this pic. and the daughter looks pretty fit too.


:smiley: I wanna be like that when I'm an old fart! Pumpin it up


me too! I love it when I see older people just whipping along :slightly_smiling:


"There's no such thing as getting old." YEAH BABY!

The fountain of youth in is the gym.




I'm quoting you on facebook :slightly_smiling:


not to take anything away from these women because they are clearly amazing, but if it's true that not one of those guys could do a 270lb leg press for 20 reps then that's beyond pathetic.