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$ 50 Power Cage,


Ladies, Gents, and those who swing both ways. I just got a killer deal on a Weider power rack system.

I was having reservations about squating at home because my so called adjustable rack didn't seem very sturdy when I was squatting.

I've been considering the purchase of a power cage but can't afford to fork over the cash right now, I've got a new baby on the way.

Any ways I was looking around yesterday and I found a complete power cage system with all the accessories, and a lat tower attachment for get this, 50.00 Bucks!!!!!

I called the lady and got some details on it. I'm going to go pick it up today.

Apparently the lady is selling it cause she bought it for her husband on Christmas, and now they' re getting a divorce and she wants it out of her house.

I scored pretty good she's even giving me 300 pounds of weights, an olympic bar and the eazy curl bar.

At first I thought it was a piece of shit smith machine but it's not.

If anyone is looking for anything, let me know, PM me and I'll give you a website to go to where people are selling shit real cheap. I got a complete home gym last week for free I just had to go pick it up.



Hey PM me the web site....


Can you Pm me the website


Yes.....please PM me that website sir.


The website is Craigslist, type that in your browser, it will pop up under various cities, when it opens select the metropolitan area closest to you on the right side of the page. When your area opens it will give you tables with various classified sub headings, pick what you're looking for, sports, autos, clothes, electronics, etc..

It might take some fiddling with to find your metropolitan area but it's worth it.




here it is,



bullpup, I thought you said $50,000 and I thought ... can't be ... so I thought it must be $5,000 ... then I had a hard look at the figure and wept like a little girl.


nice one


PM me the site.

P.S. Lucky bastard!


This even beats me. I got a body solid power rack, plus a bench and some weights for $50.00 in November. This was by driving by a yard sale at just the right time.

Good job on getting the rack with the pulldown.


She got him all this equipment so he would get in shape....but he said that she's the one who should workout, so - divorce! ;-D


I would recommend Craigslist as well. I just bought a Northern Lights Fitness Power Cage, an incline/decline/flat bench (also Northern Lights Fitness)with leg extension/curl attachment, an olympic weight set (300lbs) and dumbells starting at 10 lbs up to 50lbs (in 5lb increments) for $350. Not quite free but what I thought to be a pretty good deal, and it had never been used. The dumbells still had the price stickers and not a scratch on anything.