50 on the sust 250

I was talking with one of my friends the other day about 50 cent. I think he’s on, anybody else?

Why? Because you think he has a physique that is so good that it is unattainable through natural methods?

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No Thunder. Because if you do drugs (smoke weed, blow rails, drink ALOT, pop pills,ect.) and sell drugs, and carry guns/use guns, you probably won’t think twice 2 juice up. “If you do drugs, you do drugs.”

As for LL,I’m not so sure. The guy has been lifting 4 along time.

He must be an extremely busy man.
Do you guys think he would put all the time it takes into natural bodybuilding (dieting and training) to get those results or did he take a shortcut?
I wouldn’t be surprised…
I don’t think his morals would dissuade him from using a gasp illegal drug.

I serious doubt he is “on”. Blacks have far superior genetics to whites - bone structure, density, t-levels, ect.

I pretty much think he is trash like the rest of the rappers…hey you asked!

Who cares???

I believe LL is on for sure. He wasn’t that big just a couple of years ago. Sure he looked like he trained. But to blow out like Hercules at age 36. Hmmmm? Don’t call it a comeback!

I’m less sure about 50 Cent, but I would easily believe it.

Ahhh, KC1 you had to open up that can 'o worms didn’t ya?

“My mind on my money, my money on my mind”

I have to tend to agree with KC. As for reality’s comment I do, you don’t don’t post.

rolling down the street, smoking indo

shooting up some vet juice!

laid back…

I could go either way. I agree with what’s been said about blacks and genetics, but I also wouldn’t put a little roids past the guy.

Although, I’m an all-natural white dude, and I really feel I’m in much better condition than him.

As for LL, I don’t know if he’s juicing or not, but damn-I’d kill just for his structure.

no, I would really doubt it. He’s only about 190, and about average height (5’10).

I don’t care for LL much, but he’s been lifting for a long time. He said he focused on his diet more, which with a lot of muscle mass, and a smart diet, he would have leaned out. If that even made sense. I think he’s always had an incredible work ethic too.

  1. How would/could you know?

  2. Would that change anything in the IMAGE and/or results? Its SHOW business, not KNOW business. If you get people fantasizing, they stop thinking and start buying. And thats the bottom line.

  3. Besides bodybuilders, who fucking cares ?

  4. Drugs or not, he is himself and you are you. Know thyself.

`Nuff said.

I wouldn’t describe him as “freaky”. Just because he’s built doesn’t mean he’s doing steroids. You need drugs to look freaky, but you don’t need drugs to look well-built.

I thought LL was outed a few years ago for juicing. Heard it on MTV or something that he went to a hospital and somehow steroids were involved. Looking back, that sounds kind of unlikely unless he broke a needle off in his ass or had an abcess or something. Rumors…

Oh, and image is a big part of the way these guys make their living. Don’t put it past them to work hard on diet and nutrition, similar to pro athletes. I mean, look at Britney Spears. She’s proof that someone with no singing talent can make it big due to physical appearance.