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50 Days With Weights Workout


Beginning Monday I will be starting on the 50 Day program found in Never Gymless by Ross Enamait. By the look of it I'll have to tailor some of the work outs to suit my conditioning level. Has anyone here gone through this program yet?


you wont be disapointed its good shit


Care to post the routine?


How's the book? How's the workout going? I was thinking of purchasing this book, as well.


What do you do for the other 315 days in the year?


315 Days Without Weights.


I just got this book by Ross Enamait, and it is good stuff so far. I am pumped to do some bodyweight training. Its going to be so great to workout from home.


how about some before and after stats


Sure, right now I am at 204, and fairly "out of shape". As recent as September, I was very close to having all six abs showing (I had 4), but then I got married and it has been downhill ever since!! But you can follow my progress at www.averagejeff.blogspt.com, I should have some measurements tonight. I'm going to follow the 50 day plan as well, possibly with some modifications to fit me. My nutrition is posted on my blog as well.


If you ever make it to 5 be sure n post some pics.


I hope to be back to where I was soon. It is amazing how fast you lose it. Starting in late August, through now, my workouts have been sporadic and my diet has been atrocious. Needless to say, I have a nice little gut now. But the thing I like about this book and bodyweight training in general, is that I can do it anywhere, in minimal time. So we will see how this goes.


you know that program is not a cake walk alot of running/anerobic work do you have all the gear -tire sledge etc..


Maybe we are talking about different programs. I am talking about the 50 day program from never gymless. I didnt see any tire or sledge work in the book.


Can someone elaborate on this topic a little bit? I might be interested into getting this. I'm starting a new workout/diet routine this week - changing things up a bit and really start hardcore.



Check out rosstraining.com. The book is called Never Gymless. It is basically a program that requires very little equipment. The workouts tend to be brief but intense. There is some focus on the different strength qualities (max, explosive) by performing the movements with less leverage to increase the resistance. Overall, I think it is a good book and a good program for those that want to try something different or just incorporate bodyweight movements into their current training.


i was talking about indinite intesity bt ross enamait i have both the books


The 50 day never gymless program is pretty intense as well. I started this morning with a quick bout of isometrics and will have the first conditioning session this evening. Personally, I love the conditioning aspect of the program. The sessions are brief, but intense. I fully plan on having a bucket ready just in case!


you havent even started the program yet but you already love it and know its amazing... hmm interesting sounds like your just trying to sell the book lol


Hmmm, I said I liked the book, and that I "loveed the conditioning aspect". In the interest of full disclosure, I am not trying to sell books, do not know Ross Enamait, and have no financial interest in this at all. In fact, I didnt even start this thread!


And where did I use the word amazing...