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50 Best Guy Movies


posted on ebaumsworld, written by mensjournal: http://www.mensjournal.com/feature/0312/guymovies.html


Boondock Saints should have been number one. It's the best movie of all time!


I would have added Tarantino's "From dusk till dawn" and probably some more spaghetti westerns. Clint Eastwood was the best at being the "Loner" hero type.


And they left "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" out!


Hell yeah.
Where's High Plains Drifter ?
If coming into town, killing the competition, doing it with all the women regardless of what they or their men say, making the town and sherif obey him, paiting it red, killing the bad guys and all while staying incredibly cool and indifferent isn't manly, I don't know what is.


Caddy shack, Animal House


I agree with these.

Also MUST add

Strange Brew,

Omega Man,

Kelly's Heros

Hollywood Knights,

Honorable mention to the First "Mad Max Roadwarrior"


I'd probably nix "Die Hard" from the list or at least put "Good Fellas" well before it. Geez. I'm certainly not the biggest movie buff but I have a hard time justifying a movie list that's 50 items long without one mention of "This is Spinal Tap".


The Rock?



I would have added:
Saving Private Ryan
Pulp Fiction
The Longest Day
The Green Berets
The Outlaw Josey Wales
To name a few


I don't mean to hijack, but have you heard anything about the sequel? I thought it would be out by now.


not enuff bond movies damnit. everyone knows connery is THE man.


i am having problems with VC in my yard, vermin kong. A deadly enemy.

Bill murray is THE man.


How could Desperado and Training Day not be included?


Those are all good choices... Too bad there wasn't a top 100.

Additions for me would be

13th Warrior

The Right Stuff

Saving Private Ryan

When We Were Kings (not sure if documentaries qualify)

And if you're going to have Dazed and Confused on there, the first American Pie should be included as well.


As you can tell by my avatar, I agree with you.

How are the Saints not on there???


Lock Stock and Two smoking Barrels
State of Grace
Resevoir Dogs
Monty Pythonsand the Holy Grail
Blade Runner
Spinal Tap
High Lander
Hard Boiled
Xanadu - Just kidding!
Army of Darkness

Me Solomon Grundy


Not enough people know that it is even around, much less that it is the greatest movie of all time (Which it is).

It has a massive underground following, though....

"What do we need a stupid fucking rope for?"


I have some serious problems with this list. The Matrix (#8) outranks Goodfellas (#18)?? Blade (#36) beats The Untouchables(#39)??

And they completely left out Braveheart and Pulp Fiction? I'd also add Jaws, and House of 1,000 Corpses, but I'm sure I'm in the minority on that last one.


My personal favorite movie is True Romance. Pulp fiction and beverly hills cop should also be on that list