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50 and Re-Starting


Just joined the forum great site.
Re-started my powerlifting a year ago after about 20 years off. Now that my wife and I are empty nesters I have the time to focus again. much has changed thanks to the internet, science and nutrition. Been on 5/3/1 for 3 cycles and love it.

I am 5'10" 185 here's my last lower body log
250x 5
320 X 3

Box Squat
175 X3

270 x5

1 arm rows
100lbs x 6,6,6

t-Bar rows
170lb x 10,8

at 50 I'm not asking for much just to make 400 on squat and deadlift and 300 bench..then see what happens after that.


welcome to the old folks home! - squats and deads on the same day are killer


thanks solddog

ya makes for a killer day but I've found my body can only take 2 days per week of lifting so it has to work.


Ask for a lot and go after it. Welcome. You've got some good lifts going.


Welcome to the forum. Great to have another 50+ guy here. Hel and I need more moral support and don't let his wardrobe scare you. He's fairly harmless (except when he's in the gym or throwing stuff) and all the folks at Walmart recognize him that way.

You have some great starting numbers for your log, look forward to following along.


thanks guys! I look forward to seeing your logs as well