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50 and Overweight

I’m sure you get this question often but I didn’t find it.
I am 50 years old and pretty over weight.
Been in the gym 2 weeks and I have my diet in a pretty good place. Most of my gym time has been treadmill and elliptical.
I would like to start weight training. Can someone suggest a reasonable routine. I have a hour and a half to workout daily. I don’t have any physical problems other than fat. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Have a look at my posts, 51 and with some health problems, my super simple approach could help you. Simple, steady, successful, ie no injuries and I am still at it. That is how to make it work for you. good luck, Leo

Thank you for your help

You are welcome Dave, I have been just doing one lift a day four days a week, followed by a mobillity session and a cardio session, just doing 1 x 10 warm up, 3 x 5 worksets 1 x 10 warm down, my four exercises are squats, rows, deadlifts, bench presses. I have not dieted yet. I have made a little progress in flexibility and fitness, but a lot of progress in strength. I fell better mentally and training has helped me deal with stressful things. I think a similar set up for you with an eating plan would be a safe way to go. good luck, Leo