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50-30-20 Diet Ratio


Anyone use 50%prot, 30%carbs and 20%fat for getting ripped? Low carbs have caused little fat loss and sexual problems. Upping my carbs finally but still want to get ripped. 1.5g prot per lb bodyweight. I'm 6'3" weigh 220 (about 12%bf) so 330g prot, 200g carbs and 59g fat.
10 oz. Chicken
7 oz yam and 7 fish oil capsules
Meal 2
6 Scoops EAS Simply Protein
6 Fish Oil Capsules
1 Orange
1 Tsp Metamucil
Meal 3
10 oz. Chicken
7 oz yam and 7 fish oil capsules
Meal 4
6 Scoops EAS Simply Protein
6 Fish Oil Capsules
1 Orange
1 Tsp Metamucil
Meal 5
10 oz Chicken
3 cups broccoli
1 orange
7 fish oil capsules

Any feedback greatly appreciated. Lifting 4x week, no cardio yet. Store fat like Poliquin calls an apple (in abs and chest) but his approach along with DiPasquale's and others just caused problems. How does my fat loss diet sound? Goal of 5% bodyfat as fast as possible.


You are over doing it on the fish oils only about 6 to 10 a day
Stick to more solid foods, and for mrp use a slower digesting protein than eas simply whey
Use a fast digesting postworkout shake
ditch the fruit, I know I know but it makes a difference
You need more fat in your diet! 2 tbs of Udo's would be a good start.


Yeah, I think you're taking in more fish oil caps than you need. In a previous interview w. Poliquin he stated that 9-15 fish oil caps was what he recommended, the higher end for those w. higher body fat levels, and closer to the lower end if you're lean (8 % or under). A liquid EFA source should be more economical. Udo's is pretty much the best one out from what I hear, I just use Barlean's regular flax oil-always worked well for me. I also use 9 fish oil caps daily too.


Yeah that´s what I do to get ripped. The really
low carb diets don´t seem to work well for some people - I think that the reason is that serotonin gets too low which makes carb cravings and mood swings more likely. Is this
what you mean by "just caused problems" ?


Yeah that's the only ratio that allows me to lose fat(50,35,15). I'm the kind'a guy who gets fat from lots'a carbs really quickly. So low carbs works a treat...I actually find that I only get grumpy for the first few days then I am ok. I cut cals pretty low too. I take my body weight x 12 - 600 cals. So if I weigh 180lbs and am dieting, that's 1560 cals/day. It is also 195g Pro, 135g carbs, and 25g fat. I also workout 3-4 times week and try to do cardio about 3-4 times for 1/2 hour in the mornings before work (I have a desk job and thats probably why the low cals work)...I don't typically lose too much strength or muscle like this...even though I guess commonsense says I should. But it works for me.