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50/30/20 Cutting Diet

So I’ve been getting ready planning my ccut for a bit now but am just having some troubles finalising it. I’m 19 years old 5’11" 192lbs after bulking basically for three years I guess since I was 135 when I started training and i work a labour job and do full body workout routine 3x per week and cardio once. I still have some decent abs but have been putting on a good amount of fat lately so I wanna cut.

So to gradually cut and maintain muscle I’ve decided it would be best if I ate about 2700 calories daily and 50% of it protein 30% carbs and 20% fats. I’m open to any ideas of different macros if any of you guys think there’s better but what I’ve mainly been having trouble with is to prep my meals for the day of what to actually eat like what meals for the day would fit those macros so any helps much appreciated.


First thing that jumps at me is PROTEIN intake - seems mega high imo, if aiming for 2700 kcals a day that would give you 1350kcals from protein which would mean 337g protein daily at 192lbs. Personally I would have this around 250g from someone of your weight giving 1.3g protein per LB of bodyweight that would be plenty.

Fat intake looks OK if you have determined that best for your body and would mean 60g fat daily giving 540 kcals - so to date we are looking at 1890 kcals.

Simply make the rest up from carbs and that would be your start point, I don’t believe in set ratios and then you would simply adjust and amend your macros/output weekly to achieve your goal of dropping bodyfat.

As far as meals go you need something that is easy for you to do consistently everyday, if you could list the time you wake, break times at work, finish time at work, training time and bed time. Plan your meals around that as far as frequency goes and with your manual job you want to look more at a level carb intake throughout the day to sustain energy/muscle as much as possible.

Food prep can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it and relies mainly on whether you want to eat for taste or function lol.

Thanks a lot for the reply man, yeah I never realised how ridiculously high my protein intake would be lol. So basically I’ll focus on having around 250g of protein 60 g of fats and then fill the rest up with carbs thanks for your help.