5 Year Transformation, Physique Show Next Year

Hi everyone, so 2019 being the shittier year of my life so far, I decided to do a photoshoot to give myself a goal and shy away dark thoughts. So I did a litlle 5 weeks cut, and here are the results. This is the first time I do something so drastic, but actually the dieting wasn’t hard. Last week I tried some water manipulation technique for funsies but it didn’t do the trick, and ended up real flat. I read later on the “have you ever beta orbited” that natties don’t hold much water anyway…

So if you could tell me what needs the most improvement, even thought the lighting is obviously very flattering . I want to focus this year on hyeprtrophy training, and do a show next year, so that I have some extra motivation. Personaly I think obviously at 6"1 185lbs I need mass everywhere, but that my arms, chest and lats are the most lagging




Lookin good! I have nothing to really add as you are light years ahead of me, but just looking st he pictures your right arm seems smaller than the left? Are you left hand dominant?

Edit: also, need moar traps!

Thank you. Actually I’m right handed, and my right biceps is bigger, and my right triceps is smaller lol (or it feels that way at least)

I certainly lack symmetry since I got some injuries (disclocated left shoulder, ACL surgery on both knees, carpal tunel surgery on both wrists…) which led to unbalances that I never adressed since I worked out for performance, fun or crossfit. Now i want to adress them!

Really amazing progress dude, very motivational, you deserve an awful lot of credit.
Very impressive!

Have a great Sunday, take care.


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Told you this before, but you look sick dude. No advice, you look way better than I do. Just keep it up.

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Looking very good man, but can we see a before cut pic? Just curious, as I’m on a cut too which will last roughly as long as yours (6 weeks in my case)

I feel like the first pic in your post is 5 years old, not 5 weeks lol

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You look great buddy, well done.

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Yes it was 5 years old lol and thank you! I don’t take much pics but here’s a bad one after the first week that I send to a friend lol

So yeah I started lean already. The first two weeks I just stopped eating garbage, then the next three I lowered down calories

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Excellent physique man, well done!

Looking Awesome dude. What type of show are you looking to do? If it’s straight up BB I’d say definitely legs but if you’re doing physique then lats for sure to highlight your taper even more. Great job man you obviously work fucking hard

Yeah physique! I’ve always been complexed by my legs since the surgeries. I’m all ass and hammies. But I’ve started to see improvements in the quads department/ Gonna keep going hammering them

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Holy shit dude. Nice work. As someone who’s only a year or so into ‘Huh, I’m going to give this a real go’, this is super inspiring. I’ll leave the advice up to the more experienced among us but, yeah, great work.

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GJD man, amazing hard musculature. Go for the mass.

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