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5 Year Old Wrestler Kicking Ass



EDIT: I fail at embedding.


I predict he will be an all american in college and them move on to be UFC champion (or what ever the top tier MMA is in 18-20 years.). That kid has some moves well beyond his age.


Mohawk = +15 grappling


Great video. One reason I like the popularity of mma is that it gives gifted wrestlers like the boy in the video an opportunity to actually have a career. Before mma you could be the best wrestler in the world and not make any money at it, other than Coaching.

What a talented little guy. I hope he stays with it and really makes a name for himself.


He choked the other kid out with his legs. Badass.


The kid walks on the mat like a boss, fantastic.


or you would be in the olympics


You guys figure you could take him?


They should study this kid to see if all the common wrestling/weight cutting myths are true: growth stunting, lowered T levels, etc.

He'll get beat, and like a typical kid will give it up and move on to something else. Or he'll rebel against his parents who most likely will pressure him his entire childhood.


Yea I agree, his attitude is so awsome.


So you're saying that low T and stunted growth resulting from starving yourself as a child is a "myth"?


That's not a choke, it's a leg cradle.

We had a kid on my high school wrestling team that was a stud like this. He'd been wrestling since he was 5. By the time he got to high school he was burnt out and didn't care about it any more.


Wrong choice of words, but I think you get my point.


Father of wrestler: "Now don't get cocky son, there is always someone bigger, faster and tougher than you out there, next tournament you might lose."

Son: "Bullshit Dad lol".

I hope this kid get's to meet Dan Gable.


Damn that kid is real smooth in his takedown technique (awesome high crotch) and shows good set-ups, along with being more aggressive and stronger than the other kids.