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5 Year Old MAG-10... Still Good?


When the ban went into effect in 2004, I stocked up on MAG-10 (the massive 250 count bottles). I have one bottle left, which has been sitting in my freezer for about five years now. Any chance that it is still good, or should I toss it?


what is MAG-10, didnt know anything about it.


Then why in the world would you post in this thread????

To the OP: I believe it's been stated before that frozen MAG-10 should be fine. Maybe it's lost a tiny percentage of its potency, but I doubt you'll notice it.


it's probably bad. I'll buy it from you for $250...


x2 but just to be sure I can try some for you. For free.


If it was frozen, it is most likely fine but I bet Bill Roberts can tell you exactly


Yes it will be fine.


What'd I say!


Awesome, thanks for the replies. Heh heh, sorry, the MAG-10 is mine...