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5 Year Explosion

Started at 125lbs in freshmen year of college. Worked up to 192lbs over a 5 year period and the just recently did a 12 week cut. Here are the results :slight_smile:

Recently picked up a coach and am going to run a very mild first cycle and gauge my progress from there. Whatchyall think?

First pic from 2018
Second from 2016
Rest from this past week

If you measure your torso, legs, and head in inches and divide by 12, what do you get?


You have a good build. How tall are you?

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I’m 5’ 11’’. Meant to edit the post with more info but the site was being a bit weird since this is my first post.

I just wanted your height, which you’ve now provided.


My opinion is that you really don’t need anabolics.


You look pretty amazing. Why do you feel you need to run a cycle?

I’d like to compete and to really fill my frame out I would need some help. Got to 192lbs naturally but was around 20% bf. Above pictures I’m around 170lbs. Takes a lot for me to grow with my metabolism.

Not trying to talk you out of it but you don’t have to run a cycle to compete.

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I know and I’ve considered all the risks. I want to progress a bit further and really be proud of what I’m presenting. Taking all the necessary precautions and making sure I get the most out of it though!

“Very mild first cycle” - I don’t think you’ve considered all the risks, because you clearly have a great natural level of test to look like you do at the moment, and you could be permanently damaging your endocrine system because you did a ‘mild cycle’ that gave you a comparable test level to what you have right now. You look great, dude. I’m telling you, at your age and how you’ve built yourself so far, with natural test levels that are as high as they’ll ever be and still rising, you do not need to do a cycle.

I know you’ve already said that you know, and you’re gonna be safe, etc., I just felt like I should chime in. Won’t say anymore. Good luck with whatever choice you make.


Right now you are a natty BBer who is a prep away from doing very well in drug-free competition. You also have the cache of being able to claim you built your impressive physique without drugs. (In certain circumstances, this matters. A lot.) But once you start juicing, yours will transmogrify from a very impressive natty physique into one about which people will shrug and say, ‘Yeah, he looks good, but he’s roided up.’ You may look 10% better after your ‘very mild cycle,’ but people will attribute 100% of your appearance to the drugs. Not worth it.