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5 x 5

Hey, wanting to see if anyone could help me in desining a 5 x 5 routine while on a hypocaloric diet, have read RR and D, but want to work out 4 times per week, what have any of you done, or had success with. any help is welcomed


One of my all-time favorite 55 routines is one I got from Cam Birtwell, another member of the forum. It was a four-day split and it was done on a hypocaloric diet. I’d have to dig out my old workout journals to find it as it was a little over a year ago. Try a search for 55 or Cam Birtwell and see if it comes up.

Why do you want to work out 4 days a week? Just curious. Patricia and I did R,R and D, and had great results. For me (I’m lazy and busy) one less day in the gym is a god send.