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5 x 5 Warm-Up


Would doing 2 sets of 10 using 50% of the weight being worked be a good enough warm-up for a 5 x 5 protocol? If not, what would be?


I would start with a light jog on the treadmill or around the block, then use 60%x8, then 70%x6


your doing 5x5 so id warm up with 5s

lets say your working weight is 225x5x5

i would go


i do magnificent mobility, then whatever movement I'm doing I'll use plate quarter jumps up to the working weight. Smaller jumps if it's a low number, maybe dime, quarter, plate jumps. For reps, usually singles or doubles. I dont do it to get my muscles warm, more just to get my body prepared to handle the weight


When I was using it for bench a lil over a year ago I was doing 225x5x5. My warmups went: 95x6 2 min, 135x4 2 min, 185x2 3 min 225x5x5 2 min between sets. In around 3 months I put about 25lbs on my working weights for 5x5 doing this.


this last post is most accurate.. increase the wt and concurrently drop reps.. that is the proper way so as to not fatigue yourself before the 5x5. good luck.


I think a more productive way to warmup for a 5x5 lift with 225lbs would be the following

Bar 5 reps 20 seconds rest
95 5 reps 20 seconds rest
135 3-4 reps 20 seconds rest
185 2-3 reps 20 seconds rest
205-215 1-2 reps 2 minute rest

Then 5 x 5 with 225

There's no need to rest any longer than it takes you to change plates on warmups. One you finish you last warmup set, then take a rest to be ready for your first working set. Also, I think taking smaller weight jumps the closer you get to the target is better. A jump from 185 to 225 is a lot when 225 is the top weight your are using for sets of 5.


saying "accurate" and "more productive" are misleading. a warm up is an individual thing


50% of working weightx3
70% of working weightx2
90% of working weightx1

this is what I do


How long do you rest between the warm-up sets


Also, if I'm doing a pairing, say military press and pullup, how should I warm up for that? Should I do one warm-up set of m. press straight into a pull-up warm-up set or should I just warm-up to the military press?


No offense, that is the dumbest warm-up advice I've ever seen given.


I think warming up is going to be different for everyone but when I warm up for 5 x 5 I'll do:

Bar x 10
95 x 8
135 x 6
185 x 4
225 x 5 x 5

I won't rest more than a few seconds between warm-up set 1 and 2. After that, I rest about 1 min between each remaining warm-up set and 2 min between each work set.


I totally agree.

Nick Radonjic


Nobody has advice on warming up to a superset?


One thing you notice is that top coaches rarely exceed the given rep bracket with their warm ups.If you're doing 5x5 try not to do more than 5 reps on any warm up set eg: goal of 225 x 5 on bench,warm up bar x 5,95x5,135 x 4,185 x3,205x2,etc.....

A personal story,when i played football( bout 15 years ago ) we would use the old school drop pyramid system of 20,15,12,10,8,6,,4,2,1 etc.. on my warm ups and middle sets i would kick ass but by my top sets i would fizzle out.

For example i could rep 315 on bench for 15 reps which should have at least given me a max of over 450 but any time i would follow my pyramid progression i would die at around 405,i was essentially training for strength endurance and limit strength in the same workout!!!!...ahhh the mistakes of youth.

Prime your nervous system with your warm ups don't fatigue it,do about 1-2 warm up sets per hundred pounds of weight lifted ( stole that one from Staley ).You'll notice with time with heavy lifting you require less specific warm-ups ( bench press sets for example )and would be better served by doing dynamic mobilty work as a general warm up as someone mentioned.