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5 x 5 + Hypertrophy

Training log , for me and my training partner , incorporating the principles behind the 5 x 5 strength plan , with some added hypertrophy and superset’s to increase size and aesthetics.

Back and Bicep workout for tonight

Ring pull ups 5 5

Kneeling Lat pulls 4 8
E-Z Curl 4 10

Supported Close grip 4 8
Cable Curls 5 10

D handle rows 5 5
Hammer Curls 5 10

T bar rows 10/8/6/4 x 3
Plate Twists 5 10

Legs tonight , referenced a track below which is about 40metres ,

Back Squat 5 x 5 ( 2 warm up sets)
Leg Press 5 x 5 ( 2 dropsets per set)
Leg Curls 4 x 8
Calf Raises 4 x 12

Walking Lunges 3 x track
Farmers Walks 3 x track

Sled Push 3 x track
Sled Pull 3 x track ( band around knees)

Today’s shoulder workout below , carrying some jelly legs , so will stretch and MFR prior.

Barbell Press 5 x 5

Single Arm Push Press 4 x 8
Leaning lateral raise 4 x 12

KB Press (upside down) 4 x 8
upright row 4 x 12

barbell front raises 5 x 10
chest supported rear flies 5 x 10

behind neck shrugs ( new grip per 10) 4 x 40
cable shrugs 4 x 10

I’d advice against sets of 5 on the leg press
1.With the huge weight this movement allows for I find it very easy for something to go wrong
2.Due to the very different plane of motion leg press strength has no carryover to squats,so it is just a muscle building tool

Imo you are better doing sets of 8-20+ reps on the leg press

Other than that,keep up the good work.I like how you incoperate sled into your workouts

I agree and disagree.
I agree that sets of 5 or less aren’t super necessary and can lead to problems/injuries.
I disagree that it has no carryover. For example, if you can do 500kg 10times on leg press but have never squatted you are going to be a shit ton stronger at the squat than someone who can only do 250kg 10 times, for the most part.

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You will most likely have an advantage over the guy that can leg press 250 kg,but that’s mostly cause your legs are going to be bigger imo
From Science and Prective of strength training I think
’‘a bigger muscle has potential to produce higher force’'
That doesn’t mean that adding 20 pounds to your leg press 10 rep max is going to have direct carryover
So I personally believe that it’s better to play it safe and stick in the higher rep ranges

Thanks to you both , i will take that into account next week , bring in front or over head squat instead .

Glad to help man
I think front squat is a better option between the two

Deadlift day is upon us , with some arm’z’ thrown in because its Friday.

5 x 5 ( using fat gripz for the first 3 sets)
Heavy singles to follow

Sandbag carries 4 x track
farmers walks 4 x track

Sled pushes 4 x track
sled drags 4 x track

EZ Curl 8 x 8
California Pres 8 x8 (first time trying this)

I think your back workout is lacking a little bit of volume and variety, but that’s just a personal opinion.

I would say you definitely are lacking in the horizontal pull department, plus it seems all you have in there that isolates the biceps is cable curls, which is definitely not ideal.

EDIT: Just my personal opinion from my own experiences over the few years I have been training. Not trying to judge, criticize, or insult you. Good job on the log and I’m glad you are dedicated to training!

You got some great conditioning exercises in here that most people neglect to do.

I incorporate things like farmers walks into my HIIT sessions on a cut, really packs a good punch!

When you do bicep curls, you want to be fully turning your wrists “up” so the pinky finger is level with the rest of the fingers, or even a bit higher up. This fully activates the bicep as opposed to having the thumb-side of the hand higher and the pinky-side lower. EZ curls promote this incorrect hand grip, and therefor are really not a good choice. I would recommend using dumbells and turning the wrist up as much as possible, or using a straight bar and trying to hold the weight as much on the pinky side of the hand as possible.

The IFBB pro, Ben Pakulski, talks a lot in his youtube videos about small “Activation techniques” like the one I just told you for biceps, he has some tips for every muscle group and they are very useful. I would recommend checking out his channel! I have learned a lot from him without a doubt. My training really took a jump from average to ideal once I started following him.