5 x 5 at First Set Last Switch Up

Here’s my question:

I lift 3 days a week, so each lift is trained every 9 days. So would it be good to do your main lift then do 5x5 @ FSL with the alternate lift?

For example
5/3/1 Deadlift
Squat 5x5 @ FSL

5/3/1 Bench
OH Press 5x5 @ FSL

and so on. That way each lift is trained more frequently. This would be similar to doing boring but big with the alternate lift. My reason for NOT doing BBB right now is my conditioning needs work and BBB is not a program to increase conditioning on.

I think Jim recommends doing one lift per workout, so the 5x5 FSL would be the same lift as your main work.

Here’s what you can do that may be a better option: pick assistance that matches your goals. So, if you want to squat more than every 9 days, push the goblet squat as an assistance on your upper body days. Same thing for DB incline press, straight leg DL, etc… matched with an appropriate main lift.

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I like it! I’ve already scrapped the switch up idea. Two big lifts on the same day sucks. Yesterday I did 5/3/1 Deadlift followed by 5x5 FSL. I did DB inclines for my push reps (dips beat me up too bad) and shrugs for my pull rep. I did incline situps for core work reps. I went great. I never though of goblet squat on upper body day (ala Krypteia) but I’ll try it. Thanks.