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5 Wk 1st Time Cutting Cycle. Test/Primo/Oxa, no PCT?


Greetings, i´m new to the game of roids. I am thinking about buying em from a gym mate but i don´t know if its a good idea to run testo with tren, primo, and oxa for a 5 week cycle, I also don´t know the proper doses because that guy was going to tell me how to run em after i get them from him, he also mentioned that i do not need any PCT at all while running these compounds for 5 weeks, since he said that i will not get shut down at all.
I´ve read a couple of posts in here that say that you don´t need PCT on short cycles, and a couple of gym mates also support that theory because they said they never been shut down on these 5-6 week cycles.

would like to know your opinions and also recommendations. Should I not run tren at all? and stick only to testo primo and oxa? And if i could run tren, is it recommended running it for 5 weeks along with the rest of the roids or would it be just a waste of gear and money and posibbly health?

I apologize for my english redaction since I´m mexican and thus it is not my native language.

I will post my height, weight and BF upon further responses


That guy is an idiot, stay away, you WILL be shut down if his gear is legit, 5 weeks is too short, you need to do more research on everything


I wouldn’t run anything at all for your own good.

You or your gym buddy don’t know what they are doing