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5 Weeks to Loose 20lb



I am looking for advice its been 5 years since I last cut weight back then I tried most supplements on the market and found the ECA stack to be the best. I currently have several bottles of Ephedrine hcl left from 5 years ago. I was wondering what's new stacks there is and if there anything that compares to Ephedrine base supplements for cutting weight.

Thanks guys


T3, Winstrol, Trenbolone, Testosterone and HGH. Nothing beats this cutting stack.


that sounds awfully expensive. how about clenbuterol?


5 lbs in 20 weeks, an avg loss of 4 lbs/week is possible, especially if you're engaging in some water manip towards the end. Healthy fat loss at that rate isn't something I would say attempt though.

Supplement wise, there are plenty of good products out there, but they're always just a little extra edge, not anything to bank on huge weight loss because of (unless you're discussing non-OTC items of course).



If you homebrew the tren/win and test, they are going to be dirt cheap. T3 is dirt cheap anyway, the only expensive is HGH.


warrior diet brah


I'll see your stack and raise you some DNP... and spend the last 3 weeks shopping for skinny jeans while you're busy with that whole diet and exercise scam.


why 20lbs in 5 weeks?

Are you looking for actual fat loss or weight loss? If for weight like trying to get into academy or win a bet just do what boxers and MMA guys, or wrestlers need to do to cut weight.

If for fat loss might want to try changing up the diet and not just relying solely on a chemical. Im not saying the chem wont work but it would probably help to do both.


If you're just trying to look good for a reunion or vacation or something you may be able to get yourself looking leaner of course by eating less (then there's simply less food in your body and then you'll weigh less) and cuttng carbs as you'll lose some water along with them.
I've found HOT-ROX to be a great appetite suppresant and along with some tanning then you can make 12lbs lost look like you lost 20.


Damn man, DNP is some seirous stuff. I am now actually wondering waht would happen if someone took this stack for 4-6 weeks LOL.


If you do a juice fast for 10 days you'll lose about 15-20lb. Most of it water coming out of your muscle. and then a little fat. and then some muscle.


Thanks Guy's its for a reunion going to Brazil to meet up with an old friend who lives their now. I was thinking of running a cycle but will be getting tested in 2 weeks time pre competition which can happen in short notice. Concerned about using Credit card to buy online sources dried up.

My diet I've cut to 5 meals a day cut out most but not all carbs, carbs source coming from un cooked vegetables. Changed my protein to mostly fish and chicken around 257 grams of protein a day and around 300 400 grams of carbs from un cooked vegetables.

4 days at the gym and 3 to 4 days training which is mostly cardio related cardio sessions last for around 1 and half to 2 and half hours.

My current stack is Ephedrine HCL 16 mg , old tub of a pre workout that contains 100 mg per scoop I take a half scoop, Aspirin 150 mg plus instead of taking 3 times a day taking 6 times a day as advised by a friend but never taken ECA 6 times a day with half dose every 2 hours. Been advised to add in DMAA but unsure about this.

L - Carnitine had an old bottle laying around taking this 3 times a day 3 pills per meal,

What do you use for post cycle for T3, Winstrol, Trenbolone, Testosterone and HGH? I would have to discontinue 4 weeks out and run post cycle for a week not sure how customs would feel about brining post cycle on plane to brazil?