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5 weeks to beach trip HELP!

OK so in about 5 weeks I will be making my first appearance at the beach. I know that a miracle is out of the question but what would you all suggest for me. I would like to cut as much fat as possible between now and the time I leave(March 8). My log for yesterday shows 2173 Calories, 271g Carbs, 109g Protein, and 79.5g Fat. I know these numbers are out of wack so I am trying to fix them. What would you suggest diet wise and also excercise wise for me for the next 5 weeks to get rid of some of the flab while maintaining as much muscle as possible?


If you started with T-Dawg 2.0 today, you would be able to drop some significant BF by then. Check out the article from a few weeks back in t-mag. I have been eating this way along with EDT for fat loss training. After 4 weeks things are really starting to come together. I was @14% at the start and am now @11% so I am very happy with the results to this point.

I just figured out a way to boost my protein by 20g and cut my carbs by 73 grams. So that will put those at 190 or so carbs and 130 protein.Will try that tomorrow and then see what else I can cut or take to cut or boost. Anyone else?


Neato, I’m with BodyIQ on this one. T-Dawg gets my vote also. It’s hard to lose weight on a high-carb diet. The fact that you don’t restrict carbs currently means you’ll see some nice results in the first two weeks (up to 10 pounds). Now that’s going to be water and glycogen loss, but 10 pounds is 10 pounds. And the carb restriction will allow your body to draw upon fat stores for energy a greater percentage of the day.

Good luck, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

For fast fat loss, you may want to consider some severe dieting, such as my Cheater’s Diet.


steroid dieting (with (mag 10) or for something a little more sane t-dawg 2. heaps of methoxy, T2 and a basic ECA stack. 5 weeks you’ll be looking good

Neato, you also might want to look at the Fat Fast diet and Coach Davies’ Fat to Fire workout.

You’ll do well with EDT, IMO, but those are other options.

Good luck.

In that amount of time, you can lose about 10 lbs total, maybe a little more if you push it. But I can’t tell you whether or not your diet is optimal since I have no idea how old you are, how much you weigh, what your body fat percentage is, and what your training routine and overall activity level is like.

I agree with BodyIQ. Do the T-Dawg. And good God, reverse that p/c ratio quick! As far as a silver bullet for fat loss goes, give am/fasting cardio a try. It’ll rock yo’ fat cells bro! Good luck.

Thanks for the tips. I guess I will try the T-Dawg. It has been in my sights for awhile anyway as something I would like to try. To give you all a better idea of what I am dealing with I am 29 years old. I weigh in at about 210. I do not know my body fat percentage. I train approx. 4 times a week with weights. And I usually get some cardio in after the weight training. I know that I need to be more restrictive of my carbs. I am doing well though seeing as how I started out in the 300-350g per day range about two weeks ago. Today I am shooting for 150g which will be a major accomplishment for me. After I stick with that for a few days I will try and get to the 100g mark. I will say that I have noticed a huge improvement in the past couple of days. It is amazing. I woke up this morning and really felt like the flab that was covering the bottom 4 abs was getting much smaller. I know the chances of being ripped by March 8 are slim to none but it would be nice to not have to suck in my gut the whole time…


The t-dawg diet is probably your best option, but I have to say that your gains will come much faster and easier if you fork out the cash for some quality supplements as mentioned before. T-2 stacked with an ECA and if you can afford it, throw in the methoxy 7 to stave off the muscle loss. Expensive, but your time constraints are gonna be a killer without the extra help.
Good luck at the beach, and to steal a line/idea from Nate Dogg… get yourself some pussy while you’re there.

I somehow think my wife would not appreciate me getting some pussy at the beach unless of course it is from her :slight_smile:

I have just invested in some Low Carb grow to use as a 5th meal. It will be awhile before I can spend some cash on anything else. The low carb grow is doing me some good though as I was going for almost 5-6 hours before eating before. Now I can mix some up at work before going home and then to the gym.

What products would you suggest though if I was to invest in an ECA stack?


Cut carbs to 50g at breakfast and 50g post-workout, and 0 for the rest of the day. Maybe try taking a stimulant before your workout, one of the ephedrine/caffeine stacks if you feel comfortable with that.

The diet stuff is pretty well covered here, so I’m going to make a recommendation for your workout.

I like EDT for fatloss (mentioned above), but if I were you I’d only do three weeks of it, then follow up with two weeks of Meltdown. This should give you better results than five straight weeks of EDT, as your body will adjust to the workout in that amount of time.

Good luck