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5 Weeks Out - Men's Physique


Well, 5 weeks.. I ve been having a 1000kcal a day deficit, at 5 weeks i think i maybe only have to lose about 5 or 7 more pounds.. 500 deficit would be better to not risk the musclemass I have. what do u think?. 6 feet 196 pounds.Blue shorts.


Looking good, still a little to loose but dont go nuts with the deficit this close.

5-600 deficit this close to the show would be my call. Low rnough to loose 4-5 more lbs and shouldnt come in as flat as you would after 5 weeks at 1k.


thank u bro.. yeah i think is better to have to lose only 5 pounds 5 weeks out than 12, will do a 500 600 deficit yeah!


there is another one, guy in middle is a wfbb pro. Currently doing g flux and training 2.5 to 3 hours a day, a lot of protein and not that low cals.


Looking good. 5 weeks is a lot of time, and being so lean already, I think you're in a very good place.

1000 cals a day deficit is pretty rough. I've always been a fan of having some days very little deficits, while others are a bit more sufferable.



yeah bro, i think u are right, i did 1000 deficit to be ready by now, doing 2 hours of cardio a day and 1.5 hrs lifting. Didnt lose muscle mass at all eating 300gr of protein and in a good anabolic enviroment ( about 800 mgs of it per week :)).

U look GREAT dude, so u gotta know your stuff... can you think I could mantain this condition for at least 2 months? Dont have much experience staying this lean so I dont really know if one can mantain this % for long,



Nice beards


Wow, that is a lot of cardio. What are your cals now?


Well, days I train for 3 or 3.5 hours ( am and pm split cardio and lifting) I use to eat about 3,000 a day, days i only do cardio for 1,5 hours, 2600... i try never goa day without any kind of physical activity.


The fact that you rock a fanny pack shows that you are one of the few men who truly do not give a fuck about what others think of you. Highly respectable.

But yes, an amazing physique.


Hahahahahaha! I m 33 now, been through A LOT in my life ( lived in 4 countries, moved to pursue an acting modeling career which Im kind of acomplishing after so many letdowns), no, I don´t really give a damn if I wear a 90s accesory.


If youre 6 feet tall that little dude in the middles gotta be like 4'11. That is tragically small