5 Weeks Out. Am I On Target?

What feedback do you have

Looks like you’re coming along nicely. What does your back look like? Judges at figure comps always look at midback definition, glute tightness, and overall taper.


I have a thick back and I think the striation will be in- my lats could be better but my waist is tiny so it ads to the illusion. Glutes will be in- they are the l;ast of th stubborn fat. Working now on posing.

YOu look great!

[quote]kkdon1 wrote:
What feedback do you have [/quote]

You have amazingly sticky shoes and a great core to hold yourself horizontal like that.


You look great, perfectly toned.

[quote]kkdon1 wrote:
What feedback do you have [/quote]

post a new pic!!!