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5 Weeks on Cycle, Having a Libido Crash

I’m 5 weeks into running:
Test E 500mg PW
Deca 250mg PW
Primobolan 250mg PW
Proviron 20mg a day
Anadrol 25mg pre work out EOD or so
Arimidex 0.5mg E3D

By week 3 I was waking up rock hard and jerking off 2 times a day with my sex drive thru the roof! As of a few days ago my sex drive has gone down to next to nothing. Still waking up hard but don’t seem to wanna have sex and when I do I’m not into it and have trouble staying focused and hard.

No clue what is going on. My nipples are not sensitive like a week ago so don’t think it’s from high estrogen. And not taking enough arimidex to have it to low. I’m at a loss for why I’m in this position.

Should I up my test or proviron?? Please help this is very frustrating. This is my 5th cycle in 4 years time. But in the past all my cycles have been for cutting and included tren and mast e. This is my first bulking cycle with deca however.

Also my gear is from a good friend that’s been making it for over 10 years so it’s not a issue with my stuff.


I always see deca causes libido problems

Though I don’t know your causes probably need to get a blood test to see the levels

That’s exactly how I felt when I crashed my e2 on blast. I’d do an e2 test minimum to see if it’s your arimidex dose. Also proviron is supposed to have anti estrogenic properties so maybe it’s the combo of arimidex and proviron. Idk but literally I was the same way when I crashed my e2. I could get hard just didnt care to use it at all. Couldn’t even visualize sex in my mind. Just fyi

Without blood test it’s gonna be a shot in the dark. If your gonna try to fix it with the current drugs I’d probably drop the deca and adex dose and up the proviron to 50mg/day and see how you feel in a couple weeks