5 Weeks Off TRT Lab Results

Hi everyone,

I was on TRT for 8 months and got off about 6 weeks ago but I had my labs drawn a week ago. I wanted to share them and get some insight. I am actually almost back to my baseline already with no PCT. Not that my levels are anything great.
I’ll attach pictures. I have noticed my fsh has always been elevated. One question I have is that I have a varicocele. I was thinking of getting it fixed. Has anyone had experience or heard of that can raise your testosterone fixing that?

Thank you.

I have not seen anyone post that this has been successful, but don’t have experience myself. Your elevated LH/FSH seem to suggest the issue is related to your balls and not your brain, so maybe it’s worth a shot

Thanks. I was surprised myself I am pretty much back to my baseline so quickly with no PCT. I obviously don’t have great levels but yeah the FSH has always been elevated prior to trt which I read online is common with varicoceles. The LH looks normal? I’m also hoping it’s because my body is still trying to get back to my norm that it is going in overdrive.

Yeah, the LH looks normal but you’re missing the point, your Total T is in the gutter and your Free T is circling the drain. Any man on TRT with these levels is going to be feeling like shit!

Desirable, healthy testosterone is much higher than what doctors consider normal. Doctors are brainwashed in medical school, “in range equals normal” and are taught to ignore the patient’s.

I agree it’s not good. I just am surprised I am almost back to my baseline so quickly. I’ve heard it usually takes longer. I’ll attach my Pre TRT labs below to compare. My question is have you heard of varicoceles being repaired making a big difference? I noticed a high FSH which can correlate from online reading. I am super active and workout all of the time and eat really healthy. I’m 41 years old and follow everything by thr book for healthy testosterone levels.