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5 Weeks Off Gear, BP Still Kinda High

So I wanted to try Tren E out but had to stop after 4-5 weeks as my BP was 170/100

Now after 5 weeks back on TRT (120mg Test C week) only its still kinda high 145/85

I eat healthy and are doing 3 hours of cardio a week, I’m around 12% body fat

The Tren dosage was only 200mg week with TRT test

Is this normal?


That’s pretty high still. Make sure your measurements are accurate. Sit still for a bit before testing.

I would cease use (lower to trt) in the future if BP gets like that again.

Do you know hct?

You could try using a bit of omega 3 oil. Probably won’t help a ton, but getting it down 10 points would have you in an okay spot.

Do you have a large arm? Are you holding it straight, at heart level with legs uncrossed? For me I have to follow strictly the above protocol or I read high.

I wouldn’t be too alarmed about 145/85… It’s the second number (diastolic) that matters the most as I believe it represents the arterial pressure of blood flow BACK to the heart as opposed to away from the heart, which can cause more issues. On cycle the 170/100 is very high so good thing you stopped.

Bumping up the cardio a bit preferably intensity over duration would help bring it down and lowering caffeine/preworkout stuff if you use any would also lower it. But yeah that is a high BP score at just 200mg tren. Was it enanthate or acetate?