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5 Weeks Into Test E/Dbol Cycle

Im 5 weeks into a12 week test E/dbol cycle.
250x2 test per week/30mg dbol split per day.
Ive put on 8lbs of muscle but look somewhat puffy. Is this just water from the dbol? What can i expect after the dbol clears my system?
Should i be thinking about adding something in to dry out toward the end of the cycle?
Also starting to plan out the rest of my year and will cycle one more time.

My goal is to get a touch bigger which i think this cycle will take care of but going forward i would just like to cut and stay fairly lean.
Im currently 5’11” and 182 lbs. I think im around 10-12%bf right now going off the body scan machine at the gym so not sure how accurate that is. So the question is what should i do for the next cycle? Same? Add what in? Doses?
Thanks in advance.

You’ve put on only 8lbs total in 5 weeks? Or 8lbs of muscle + water/glycogen weight in addition? If you’re noticing a puffy look, you’ve likely primarily put on water/glycogen and not much muscle at all in your first 5 weeks. Eat more, train hard, and don’t get discouraged if that scale doesn’t move much after you drop the dbol.

Post a photo without your Face if you want guys to give you a more accurate guess to Body Fat than a body scan at a gym.

Thanks for the reply. The scan was an inbody which shows your water vs. muscle supposedly so the 8lbs is muscle. There was 2.5 extra pounds that is water/glyc.
I am having issue with the eating. For the last 8+ years I have been into endurance sports including Ironman, ultra running and cycling so always wanted low weight and just enough muscle to get by. I pretty much ran a deficit of 400-550c daily to stay there. I’m not used to eating a surplus so taking it slow to get there. Fast forward to last year and finally got my shoulder repaired so I could get back to lifting. My goals now are to get just a little bigger and then cut so prob around 5’11"/175-180lbs going into summer then prob bulk going into fall which is why I asked about another cycle.