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5 weeks into T-dog...

Well I’m 5 weeks in, I think, maybe 4? And I’ve gone from 202 down to 194.5lbs. I’m deffinetly pleased w/ the results, although I still have noticble fat around my love handles, stomache and pecs. It is really shredded on my rib cage and back though. My ribs show through like I’m a poor Indonesian child.

8.5lbs in 4-5 weeks a decent rate? I know it’s kinda fast. I’ve eeither lost muscle, or realized what “muscle” I thought I had was just fat. BTW at 202lbs I was 17.5% BF. I’m getting my BF done in a couple weeks, we’ll see where I am. Truthfully, if I’m at 10% and can’t see my abs, I’m going lower. But I can’t wait to get some really nice cuts, then just go crazy w/ bulking/creatine. Feedback?

Actually, that’s a pretty good rate. Your stomach and chest are the last areas to lose the fat. Your face and arms should look a lot leaner.

The first couple of weeks you will lose weight faster due to drops in glycogen and water.
After that it will steady out. By the time you are dipping under 10% things get a bit tougher and the displine/cosistency becomes the biggest factor in further reductions. Also if you cant see your abs (outline at least, or the upper 2-4 pack) at “10%” then you aint 10%!
keep it up, its fun seeing new things pop out week to week. Oh, and take photos cause its cool to compare the before and afters, cause you may not see all of the changes that are happening in the mirror…

Agree with Whetu. Photos are a great help. Like looking at self through someone elses’s eyes. You will notice things that you didn’t in mirror. Great progress and keep it up.

Got any pics infinity?

Nice job on fat loss, I would figure you are down by 14%? Depending on LBM retention/gain at least.

Yeah that’s a nice rate, means you are working it well. 2-3 pounds of fat per week are possible, i’ve done that myself. It did slow down a lot for me around 10% though, now I’m at a crawl. Other thing that happened was when I got down to about 11% I started to notice a slowing of the gains in lifts, so I added more cals/carbs to my breakfast and post workout meals and my gains kept going up (with lbm).

As for abs at 10%, all depends on how you store fat. I measure at 10% using 3 or 7 site methods yet I cant see abs in pictures. Can see a few of those muscles in mirrors, but not enough to show in a picture. Reason is because my upper body pinches very little, lower pinches about average and middle pinches a lot. Sucks but that is my punishment for eating too much as a teen…lol

I can get some pics after I workout tonight. When I get my BF they pinch bicep, tricep, under shoulder blade and right above waist. They don’t really pinch lower body. I’m sick of cutting. I feel so little. I wanna start eating and bulking up like a mofo w/ one of Thibadeau’s workouts.

Hey if you are sick of it then add some cals and go for more LBM, or add even more to really start the mass…

I know all about being sick of it, I personally started to add some more calories because I much preferred the feeling I get from continual gains than I like the feeling I got from cutting.

Besides that I really needed some gains, my big lifts all suxor.

I would say if you are wanting to make pancakes and other baked stuff get some gluten flour. “Now” brand has 23 g protein and only five carbs and also get some Wheat germ. You can play with them and oat bran and make all sorts of stuff. Try germ, oats, glutane flour, fat free cream cheeseand a couple egg whites mixed for pancakes. Have to use a non stick pan. Add some vanilla extract, butter flavor extract , etc… I use germ, gluten flour, and oats to make breads, muffins, all sorts of stuff.

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