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5 Weeks into First Cycle of Test E, Seeing No Results

Hi guy so here we go I am 30 y/old I am doing my first cycle after training hardcore for the past 2 year. My diet is not great but it’s okay I am getting enough prot but I should take more calorie/day (I am about 2500calorie/day) I am resting well, not drinking. I am training hard and 3-4 time a week.

Overall my bench/squat/Deadlift is around 1000lbs

I am taking test-e 500mg pin twice a week (250x2/week) I am at my 5 weeks and I see no difference at ALL. I didn’t upgrade my weight at the gym, I didn’t see difference in the mirror (I even have pic). I don’t feel anything different about my sex drive (Was already quite active). I don’t feel any high e2 sympto either. Actually I don’t feel any difference between now and then. No side No up.

What’s up?

Sounds like you already know what the problem is: eat more.

What were your stats before the cycle: height, weight, bodyfat %, etc? What are your stats now? Do you know of your gear is legit; did it come from a pharmacy, the internet, or another gym-bro?

At 500mg/week you should at least notice some invigorating effect; maybe your gear is bunk. Did you do labs before you started? Maybe you should go get some labs done now so you have an idea of where your test level is.

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This is the answer. Always. Your body needs more food to build more muscle. No way around that. Why would you start a cycle if your diet wasn’t already dialed in properly? That’s like 90% of strength training and physique building right there.

Your 5 weeks in. Chill bro what do you expect? Look like Jay cutler overnight?

As they said eat more and give it some time. Also try to train a minimum of 4 times a week.

I have finished sustanon 500mg per week cycle

The only thing that was so noticeable was libido raised significantly since start

Other than that no magical improvement. I just increased my weights slowly in 12 weeks

It has been 3.5 weeks since last inecjtion and so far I am keeping my all strenght

Im starting to think you just had some bunk gear bro

I have purchased directly from pharmacy and different public pharmacies

Definitely it wasnt bunk

I also got blood work and my test level was 5 times of pre cycle.

If it’s not bunk, you’re a unicorn.