5 Weeks Into First Cycle. Adding Anadrol?

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In the name of clarity and you guys not choking to death trying to prononce my name, call me me Yaz, I am 20 years old and am currently 5 weeks into my first cycle ever. I’ve been doing 2cc of Test E for 5 weeks and 20mgs of nolva per day for the past week because the nips got a little sore. I’ve noticed pretty decent strength gains, but recently I was informed I’ll be working a booth at a very large bodybuilding convention and will be interviewed for an paid “athlete” position in the company (Not sure if we can use names here.) because of this I approached the guy I bought Test from to ask what I should take to help with a quick cut since I’m currently at 20% BF as well as stay big. I want to be at 15% BF, my weight now is 215 and I’d like to be at 190-5. My guy recommended Anadrol, multiple Pills (I forgot the exact number, I’ll post an update tomorrow with the exact numbers.) I believe it was one tab with breakfast and dinner, as well as jumping up to 4cc of test per week. This seems like a lot to me, especially since it is my first cycle. What do you guys think? I’m not sure if I’m being worked for money (He offered 250 for another 250 of test and a 60 tab bottle of Anadrol.) or is this what I should be doing to drop the pounds. Working this booth and being partnered with this supplement company is a huge break for me and I want to look my best, but I don’t want to fuck myself up. As much as I want to get to 15% BF in a month, impress these guys, and become one of their “athletes” I don’t want to ruin my test for life. I know I’m decently young to be running a cycle.

20 years old, 215lb 20% BF, want to be 190 15%, first cycle, test E 2cc per week, 5 weeks in. I was selected to work a supp booth and possibly become a sponsored athlete, I want to shred real fast. Guy who sold me the test reccomended 4cc’s of test E per week as well as Anadrol. Is this too much for a first cycle? Am I being had for money? Will this get me where I want to be? Should I take just the Anadrol? Any advice on any of those questions is much appreciated!

If you want to shred quickly then Anadrol isn’t your best bet. It’s great for strength and quick size, but it causes a lot of water retention. Anavar or Winstrol would be better for that goal.

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Your “guy” is a moron. Just like the prior post stated, anadrol is for bulking. It’s the aas that people say you take for four weeks gain 20 lbs the piss for two days straight and your back to your original weight. Plus it has known progestenic activity, aka gyno like symptoms.

Your “guy” has you on Nolvadex, that is for pct. Especially since you are trying to ultimately lower body weight then you should be using an AI like arimidex or aromasin. They will keep the estrogen levels low and thus keep the bloat in check.

Your “guy” recommending you go to a gram of test per week shows how dumb he is given that you are trying to cut fat not look like the Michelin man.

As far as your goals go, ANY aas can be used to bulk or cut. The key to controlling what happens is your diet. Now certain aas will work more efficiently for a bulk or a cut. Since you have test already just stay at 500mgs a week DO NOT go up to 1000mgs. You were not explicit in stating the concentration of the test e but you did say 2cc and 90% of test e is 250mgs a cc. In order to lower your body fat you need to simply eat as little fat as possible and burn yours body’s stored fat. You also NEED to get an AI that stands for aromatase inhibitor. The main two are arimidex or aromasin, you can look up their other names via Google. Stay away from femara that is heavy duty stuff. If you have issue finding the AI you can try looking for research chemicals, they usually come in liquid form. Most people use arimidex, it has a 3 day half life and mg for mg it is strongest.

For the record no AAS has ever been proven to burn fat, I have heard that tren or anavar was proven but never saw proof myself. What aas do during diet time is keep you from loosing muscle. That’s it they are not magic.

Like I stated before Nolvadex is for pct but since you have it then I would keep using it every other day until you get your AI in. Also stop asking a salesman what you need to take, he is only interested in selling you something so he can make money.

Furthermore you are too young for AAS but since you have already started and we’re about to make it worse I choose to respond. For the record you should immediately stop your cycle and preform a proper PCT.

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I know I’m too young to run it, but I was in the middle of a halfassed bulk/busy life when the company got in contact saying I most likely had the spot so I had to do something quick. Hence the test to assist in my crazy fast shred. Thanks for clearing that up, I read so much about Anadrol and it basically became another “Should you eat the whole egg?” I got different responses and read contradicting things. I knew the “it will get you shredded bro” sounded too good to be true, I’m just going to stick with my 1CC until week 8 then cycle off, all while upping my L-Carnitine a bit to get more oxy in the blood to maximize my cardio and HIIT, hopefully ending around 12% BF. I don’t plan on cycling again, to be honest I hate the feeling. Thanks for the advice guys!

Side Notes: The Nolva was my own idea, I bought it myself for PCT, then one day my right nip felt slightly sore, so I started it. I think I overreacted to something that really wasn’t there. I am curious though, have you run Anadrol? It seems like you have some personal experience pissing 20lbs. I’ve heard it can be linked to liver cancer and some pretty crazy things.

No, I have never tried anadrol. For years and I mean years as I am what you would call an old guy (I am in my thirties and I remember how old that seemed just a decade ago) I have been offered juice. I got pretty close to taking the plunge once but held back at the last minute, and to my surprise the batch of winstrol gave abscesses to those friends that used it. Around that time I started reading about AAS then I lost interest, few years later other friends with a successful history of quality purchases shared the connection with me. I then again read and read before buying and I was still making less than fully informed decisions.

Anyways when the good source was shared with me I focused my research on the available products. Anadrol just had too many things listing head aches as a side effect along with bloating. Plus I wasn’t trying to get HUGE, I wanted to run more of a re-comp type series of cycles. I already had decent enough size I just lacked the popping definition, plus age with career and life obligations was making it harder to loose the fat I gained from bulking. I later learned about the progesterone effects of anadrol when I got into my first Trinity stack (one from each of the three families). It was around that time I read the bit about anadrol being jokingly sold as the “pissing out twenty pounds.”

For the record that time my friends got abscesses from winstrol was not a fluke. That happens A LOT! It is very hard to suspended winny in oil so almost all of it is done in water. Either due to a bad sterilization process or not using sterile water has led many many batches of winny users to the doctors. I stick with oral winny for that reason even though its hell on your liver and my joints hurt just thinking about it.

Just to make sure my conscience is clear, I am again recommending you acquire and use an Aromatase Inhibitor (A.I.). It will allow you to get in control of the gyno issues and it will lower your estrogen which in turn will lower your bloat (the extra water you carry on cycle from the excess estrogen).

Also I wasn’t trying to be a dick in my prior post. I am in love with a woman who’s first language is not English and have become aware just how vague and ambiguous the English language can be. I was trying to word everything in a manner that would leave little open for interpretation. I will admit I am in the part of my own cycle where I get moody plus reading that someone was selling anadrol as a way to cut just hit a nerve.

All that being said, good luck on the job opportunity. Seriously I hope you get your goals and the job. Then that in turn leads to success in all aspects of your life. If you do get it and stick with it then undoubtedly you will revisit the idea of another cycle. Do your own research from as many sources as possible then come back here and use this sites members as a sounding board for your thoughts. I personally love what I have gotten out of my cycles!