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5 Weeks In, Shots Rocketed My T Levels Up Too High. Why?

I am a 52 year old, 170 lb guy who just started TRT. My total testosterone level was 464 before treatment, and after 5 weeks of 140 mg/wk of cypionate, my level is 1,253 ng/dl.

That’s a 270% increase! Why did my body react so much??? I’m not complaining, because I have great mental clarity, mood is excellent, energy level and libido are incredible, am losing fat and gaining muscle, etc.

Why did my body react to the T so much? I am new to all of this.
Thanks in advance for any responses.

You’re still producing your own 464 and your HPG axis hasnt shut down yet. First bloods are usually after 6 weeks for this reason. Sounds like you’ll land around 800 after you shut down.

I would think after 5 weeks shutdown has already occured, you give me the same dosage even though I’m lower SHBG, my levels would be the same.

The dosage is above average, starting TRT lean and in relatively good shape definitely helps jumpstart progress early on. Try starting with a high body fat percentage, insulin resistant and the outcome would be slower.

Not sure. Always thought the honeymoon was 6 weeks.

You could always drop the dose to 100mg-120mg to bring the levels down a bit… but if you are feeling great and no other symptoms stick to the 140mg, that’s what I would do.

I wouldn’t be overly concerned with a TT of 1250, unless you are experiencing unwanted side effects.

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My doctor is giving me 0.5 ml of hCG a week, which I believe is intended to allow my body to keep producing its own testosterone.

My estradiol went was was 25.7 pg/ml before treatment, and is now at 45.5 so I am guessing they will increase my dose of Anastrozole from 0.25 mg to something a bit more.

I do have a clean diet and work out 4 times a week, so maybe those factors helped my body react better once I got some more T in my system (I am guessing here).

Personally, I hope my doctor keeps me at 140 mg/week of cypionate, because I feel like a new man with no ill side effects. Aside from the increase in my estradiol, which I believe can be adjusted for with an increase in Anastrozole, my blood work is excellent.

There are those who take HCG and sometimes find ever increasing anastrozole has no effect on estrogen, in these cases it helps to know anastrozole can’t affect estrogen production inside the testicles.

I almost forgot so say, thanks guys for the input!

Thanks, I was unaware of that.