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5 Weeks In. High Estrogen. Bloodwork Advice


Hi - could do with some opinions on my bloods. 5 weeks into 750 test e / 750 eq / 350 tren A.

Estrogen is silly high. have been taking 0.5mg adex ED and now increase to 1mg ED. Creatinine seems high and I’m not too sure on the thyroid results.


Edit - It surely must be the Tren effecting the Estrogen reading for it to be this high?


Tren isnt estrogenic. Supposedly doenst convert. That’s a lot of gear, recomended adex dose is 1mg/100mg of test. So you need at least 7 mg of adex a week. I dont know about EQ.

Any nipple tenderness or bloating or back acne?


Hi thanks for reply.

The issue with the tren and the estrogen reading is that it commonly shows as estrogen on the blood test - or at least that is the information i am finding.

Agreed it is a fair amount of gear, however given the mild nature of EQ i don’t think its that crazy.

No side effects other than a slight drop in appetite, almost certainly from the tren and also the high amount of food I’m eating making it feel somewhat tedious. LDL and HDL are worse than i would have expected this early into the blast but it is more gear than i have ever ran previously


Not judging you on the amount. I have pinned 1800 mg a week myself.

I know Nolva gives false readings on bloodwork if E2 Sensitive test is not used. Havent ever heard of Tren giving a false positive tho. Tren is the most anabolic compound there is. Can’t believe you’re not hungry all the time, when i did tren, i couldn’t stop eating.

So I would focus on how you FEEL and not necessarily on the numbers. If you feel good, have good libido, morning wood, no nipple tenderness, no significant bloating, good attitude, then I say keep on doing what your doing. (maybe increase your adex dose to 4 mg a week)


Yeah i got the bloods back, saw the estrogen and was like wtf. Have been doing some research and it certainly seems that tren is causing the issue by showing as estrogen on the results.

I was extremely hungry at the start but as the weeks go past the appetite suppression is starting to creep in. Seems common with tren i have had it happen before but it did pass so hopefully it will be the same this time.

Thanks for the advice


Yeah I was gonna mention the tren altering the e2 levels, but I have seen it do that and not do that in some guys


Yeah seems to depend on the lab. Pretty sure if my e2 were that high I’d be having all kinds of issues and considering I’ve been running 0.5mg adex ED i just don’t think it could be that high!


Also on a side note, the appetite suppression could be related to how much gear your running, depending on the reason for running the cycle, I would cut the tren. But that’s just me some of the best benefits of running Eq is the appetite increase.