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5 Weeks In Cycle

Ok, so I am midway through the 5th week of my deca, test prop, inject dbol cycle and all I can say is damn, I am friggin huge. 25mg of nolvadex is not keeping the water retention down whatsoever, so I am going to add 2.5mg femara every day to combat this.

I started out at 246 @ 12% b/f, today I weighed in at 264 at 13.8% b/f. I have been eating, on average, 5800 calories/day and I’ve only been training 3 times a week with no cardio (smile). I’ve been doing a chest/tris, back/bis, shoulders/legs split with 15 sets (311 tempo) per body part except for my legs. My legs are already sickly huge and unproportional to my body.

My 1RM on damn near every exercise has increased by 15%, my pumps are absolutely amazing, and I have never been this horny in my entire life. It’s great b/c I am taking 700mg test prop/wk and 25mg/day of dbol and I’m not experiencing any 'roid rage. I just feel so happy throughout the day; I do feel a little aggression on the road when those damn elderly Canadians pull out in front of me doing 25 in a 45 in a damn minivan, AHHHHH!!!

I highly recommend Golden Triangle gear to anyone.

I do have a question for you guys out there. Should I go ahead and add the femara or just wait it out 2 more weeks when I start my tren/winny? Will the absence of estrogen slow down my gains that much? I mean I am sick and tired of feeling so damn bloated. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


hey good work on the gains man, keep it goin. just wondering how you break down your 5800 calories a day. I can barely force down 4500, and i have to break it into 8 or so meals throughout the day. just wondering how your doing it. thanks

Cy’s recent article on femara suggests that 2.5mgs ED or EOD may still be too much as it’s more potent than previously thought, much more so than arimidex. I would read it if you haven’t already. You still want a little bit of estrogen in your system.

Or you could just say fuck it and deal with the water retention.

Congratulations on your progress.

Bootsie- Dude, it’s a friggin’ challenge scarfin’ down that much food. I have a 55-carbs 20-fat 25-protein. With that macronutrient profile I am intaking over 360g of protein/day. I think that’s even too much. By keeping the fat intake so low, I am always hungry. Also, I drink 2 1500 calorie weight gainers per day too, so there is 3000 calories right there, or over 1/2 my daily intake. I also eat brown rice (4-5 servings) and a sweet potato at least once a day. Believe me, those liquid weight gainers go right thru ya.

I am almost embarassed to get a girl in bed now b/c I am so bloated. I am a former fat@$$ (5’9" 307 my 9th grade year) and even at age 22, I still have loose skin from being so fat. So, when I bulk up that skin fills out and I look like shit around my midsection. It is taking all my might to not just taking T3, clenbuterol, and start my winny trenbolone enanthate right now.

BBBQ- Yeah man, I read Cy’s article about femara, it’s just that this damn bloat is annoying when u get invited out to the beach and have to take your shirt off. Yeah, I do look like a beast and veiny as hell when I’m pumped up, but when I’m not pumped I look like just a big hunk of new york strip carved into the shape of a human body.

I’d love to hear of a cycle where u can put on a ton of muscle and stay relatively lean. I’ve tried the old test/tren cycle before but for some reason I didn’t gain much lean mass, I just hardened up. I think I’ma give EQ a try next go-round.

Thank you both for the props, I really appreciate it. It’s hardwork eating all this food and only going to the gym 3x’s a week. I tell you what though, by only working out 3x’s a week I make SURE that it’s a great workout. And boy lemme tell ya, they have been crazy insane good.

I’ll post the before pics and the midcycle pics next week. Gotta go by some oil and hit the tanning booth up a couple days in a row so I don’t look too bad…lol…

Keep the comments coming…

Why are you only training 3x per week?
With your caloric intake where it’s at, you’d be better served to train 4,5,or even 6x per week to shift the muscle gain to fat gain ratio more in favor of muscular gains.
Sure you’ve gained 10lbs. of muscle thus far, but you’ve also acquired 7 more lbs. of bodyfat!
My advice would be to add in the letro at 1.25mg eod, and increase your energy expenditure as this will help with the bloat as well.


i just can’t stop staring at your avitar… what was the question?

[quote]mcbain wrote:
i just can’t stop staring at your avitar… what was the question?[/quote]

ROFL! Too funny.
I kind of have to agree with MK here. Once on a cycle, you should be training even harder. Shoot for atleast 6 workouts per week, or even do two workouts a day if you have the time. Based on your results so far though, who are we to tell you what to do? (Haha). Good work on your progress so far.

As for your bloat, all I have to say is that your carbs are too high. Before you jump on the Femara, lower your carbs and bring up your protein (to keep the same caloric level per day). Trust me on this! You will notice a difference in the first week when you change your diet. Rule of thumb here:

One gram of carbs hold THREE grams of water.

Good luck.

Yeah, I just figured that the extra bodyfat was due to serious aromatization of the test and dbol and progesteronic activity from the deca. Before I went on this cycle I was training 5-6 times a week at a lower intensity. I just thought I’d raise the intensity and lower the frequency in order to shock my body.

Like I said before, I am doing a 3 second eccentric and a 1 second pause before doing my concentric phase of each rep, that seems like grounds for serious hypertrophy. I am sore the following day after each workout. I’ll go ahead and train 6x’s for the next two weeks and see what that does for my muscle:fat ratio.

Once I start my winny/tren, I will be doing cardio 5x’s a week and weights at least 5x’s a week with a ton of volume, so I am just making sure that my body will be ready for the onslaught of energy expenditure it’s going to come up against. Though, now that you mention it, I’m sure my body can handle it after frontloading 1200mg of deca and 800mg test prop and doing 8 weeks of 600mg deca and 400mg test and sprinkled in a little dbol just incase.

Bottom line, if you’re a small guy, a ‘hard gainer’, and you’re looking to do a cycle, I strongly suggest this one. I’d also suggest that you lower the test or do not frontload as much, as I am uncontrollably horny.

I’m curious to hear of other’s results taking deca/test/dbol. I’m sure some of you have tried it, tell me about it.