5 weeks for Mag-10?

Could anyone from the T-mag site let us know if mag-10 is still on schedule to be released in 5 weeks?

 Bill? Brock? anyone? anyone? I guess I should check back after the weekend.

I just wanna have something special under the Christmas tree this year. What are my chances if I ordered one week after the article aired?

“Please note that we expect the first batch of MAG-10 to arrive before December 1. Pre-order now to be assured of receiving your MAG-10 before it sells out.” From Netrition site

 Well, if they sell out of mag-10, they WILL make more.  Netrition acts like you will never get it if you don't order it now.  I'm sure the 1st batch will sell out.  Maybe the guys at T-mag can let us know how sales are going.

Still on schedule as far as I know, but then again, I don’t know much about that end of the biz.