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5 Week From Show, Stomach Problems


Hello guys I’ve a quick question I am 5 weeks away from my competition Dubai fitness expo I just want to know I can’t digest any kinda whey supplements ISO,concentrate etc I don’t know what suddenly happened to my stomach I am already taking multi enzymes and eating clean whenever I take whey supplement i start feeling stomachache and got black poop I am eat all raw foods now If you know anything for this kindly suggest me

Taking glutamine,multivitamins,bcca and Nitric oxide plus I am on tren testosterone prop primabolan and clenbutrol t3


Tar-colored poop? That usually signifies a GI Bleed or a peptic ulcer. Maybe someone like @EyeDentist can help with that.
You could take a plant based protein, like pea, or hemp based.
You could also try beef based but I would probably try to see a physician if you’re getting black stools.


It’s not everytime it’s only when I take whey protein if I eat other foods I am fine with that


Are you getting enough veggies and fiber?


Yes bro Robstein I do boil potatoes white basmati rice wheat germ at morning some strawberries and cucumber mostly in salad :green_salad: I don’t know wtf my body not accepting Any kinda whey

I am thinking to take it right after workout with some strawberry and one banana so I’ll go on whole chicken with baked potatoes

Any idea ??


It sound like you’re not getting enough fiber. This happens to me too later stages in a prep, especially when you’re not eating much. Boiled potatoes, strawberries, bananas, chicken, the foods you mentioned, no fiber. Make sure at least a few of your daily meals contain fibrous veggies. I always have peppers, onions and asparagus with my eggs in the morning, broccoli with lunch and dinner, spinach, etc. Also a fiber supplement like psyllium husk 2-3 times a day will really help, I do twice a day, once before breakfast and once before dinner. 3 out of my 5 daily meals contain 6oz of veggies each. After a few days of more fibrous veggies and a fiber supplement things should normalize.


Bro I do take Psyllium husk 3 times a day right before my breakfast 2 tbs with one glass of water then same in between meals and before bed but I’ll sure add some broccoli and thinking to replace sweet potatoes :potato: remember that I’ve ibs so I can eat much gasy vegetables and veggies plus kindly just suggest me the “before workout meal and at night”

like I do training from 9pm to 11pm so my last meal mostly ends at 12:30am and I’ll wait for 1 hours to digest it I am also taking Imodium capsules twice. Day



So does that mean he possibly developed a dairy allergy throughout the course of prep?


It’s possible, but there are lots of other explanations. Also, the quality of whey proteins varies very widely around the world, so there’s no telling what’s actually in the one he’s using.


Good point. I knew it was a good idea to tag you in :wink:


Not sure if anyone else has found this, my stomach becomes more sensitive as my prep continues. Things I typically eat in the off season without a problem, especially dairy, become more problematic for me as the prep continues, so I have to micro manage those types of things in the last stretch.


There was a protein supplement that did that to me years ago.

Quality over quantity.


I can’t say I have experienced that, but I could see how it comes about. It is believed that food sensitivities develop when we eat the same foods repeatedly for an extended period of time.

Combine that with the stress of prep on one’s hormonal chemistry and immune system. It makes sense to me.


I am using dymatize ISO 100 plus I’ve gold standard 100% whey but I think I’ll not use any kinda supplements in my life now coz I don’t know wtf is going on

I’ll switch to chicken breasts and beef and add more fiber in diet and let’s see what happens