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5 Things You'd Cut a Toe Off to Have


Name 5 things you'd willingly cut off a toe to have.

  1. Live to see my kid play an NFL game.
  2. Be financially secure for life.
  3. Learn to play guitar and perform with Metallica
  4. Take my family and disappear for a year doing what ever the hell I want.
  5. Cure cancer


I'd cut off my toe have:

  1. You not see your kid play an NFL game
  2. You not being financially secure for life
  3. You not learn to play guitar and perform with Metallica
  4. Make you disappear and move in with your family
  5. Help you cure cancer


You son of a bitch!


It would really depend on which toe. One of the smaller ones I'd get rid of for (comparatively) minor things. The big toe though, that's an entire different ball game.

  1. Financial security. Hell, I'd probably let one of the smaller toes go for a year's salary. To be stupidly rich I could get rid of two toes.

  2. A guarantee of good health.

  3. A life time supply of "special supplements"

  4. Unlimited sex

  5. A career as a professional athlete


Heh, just kidding. Btw, is it a pure wish regarding no. 1 or do you have talented sporting offspring? That's one of my wishes too, but in a different sport.




I'd cut off 5 toes if I could have 2 hours with these coworkers of mine.

Who am I fooling? I'll only cut off 2 toes as I won't need more than 3 minutes.


The perfect five


Hmmm, Well I'm not cutting off toes or anything but I think I may have had 30 min with both of them while stationed on Oahu. The one in the orange dress opened the door.


I'd cut off a toe to have nothing bad ever happen to my wife and son.
(see what I did there?)


I'd cut off a toe for:

The ability to regrow a toe

The money to afford a new bionic toe

Superpowers similar to Dragonball Z

Any amount of money over a million.



You'd cut off a toe to guarantee good health? No one is seeing the irony here?


I might be the only one who wouldn't do it for money. I mean, unless you're talking upwards of 8 figures, there is ALWAYS more stuff to spend money on...look at all the pro athletes who live week-to-week. I can honestly say that, even though it sounds good in theory, I don't think I'd be a happier person with more cash.

In no particular order:

  1. Be famous. Would be a kick to see people reading into every move you make or thing you say...I would mindfuck the public constantly

  2. Discover the secret to harnessing fusion (or some other infinitely renewable energy source)

  3. Be the first to contact alien life

  4. Walk on the moon

  5. Play in the NBA

Yes I'm a dork, why do you ask?


Yeah. Fuck my toe. I've broken all my toes and most of the bones in my feet and I have some nerve damage anyway so I might not even feel that much. I can just cauterize that shit and never miss a squat workout, dude! Good health to me is a rockin' immune system, no infections, a functioning body (can't have unlimited sex with ED, can we?), and no disease in general. A wound is not necessarily a major event affecting health. Plus, I got nine more right?


I don't see. Is there some sort of trick here where no one can turn it around?


You know, if the wish-genie were kind of an ass (and let's face it, power does sort of turn people into assholes), this would give him one hell of an opportunity to abuse your not-very-specific wording :wink:

Kind of Ahmed The Dead Terrorist -style... "Did they ever specifically tell you that it'd be all female virgins in paradise?" "What? I've been screwed!"


HAHA! Fucking table tennis or some shit! Can I still get crazy amounts of pussy though?


I actually meant the sex part, but you're right, the career thing works for that as well :slightly_smiling:


Purely wishing. He's only 18 months old right now but I'd love for him have the desire to play football and actually be good.