5 Things You Can Train Everyday - Loaded Carries Instead of Sled?

HI Coach,
I read your article titled above a while back and I have a question. I am wondering if one can do Prowler Sled exercises daily, could one do Loaded Carries instead? Or are they two totally different animals?
I have been strengthening a nagging hip/back injury and the loaded carries provided instant and long lasting relief, and actually facilitated my return to regular lifting, and I would like to incorporate them into my routine in the most beneficial way.
I am currently on an EOD split and was wondering about adding some carries at the end of an On day, or possibly on an Off day for further rehab and some conditioning work.
Thank you Coach

They are a bit different. Loaded carries are more likely to cause muscle damage, at least with heavier loads.

I normally recommend a maximum of 3x a week with them.