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5 Star Complexs, Ascending and Descending



I have used your 5 star complex a lot over the years, I'm curious about doing in reverse order...I can't find any post written by you on your opinion on there effectiveness and results compared to what is written in the 6 week to superhero program.


I used a system that I called ascending-descending complex. I don;t think that I wrote an article about it though. It is detailed in my book "Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods".

You can read about it in this thread:


As far as the effectiveness versus only doing it in the descending order (6-weeks to Superhero), the ascending-descending approach might lead to slightly greater gains in explosiveness while the 6-weeks order might give you a bit more strength.


Thanks CT

I do love this type of training, in this cycle of the 6WTS, I have gained a couple pounds whilst losing a couple inches on my waist!