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5 Star Complexes


I’m new to the site so hi to everyone.

Has anybody completed the 5 star complex training protocol offered in the six weeks to super hero program and what results did they gain?

Hi Redwing, I used the Star Complexes for a few weeks. I really liked the challenging nature of the training, esp. the Anderson Squats.

I felt that I became more powerful as a result, but did not notice any significant changes to my size or body composition.

What are you training for?

Thanks AIrborne88,

I’m training for increases in lean mass, power and consequently fat loss/body comp. I’ve just done my first set of complexes which was overhead press and squat.

Like you I really enjoy the challenge but expecting changes maybe over the six weeks but probably be greater adaptations over 9 to 12 weeks.
What do you train for at the minute?