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5 Slayings, Suicide Rock Rural Trailer Court



Don't really n´know what to say, I'll just leave this here.


Always a shitty deal when folks get caught in the middle of something they didn't have anything to do with.


As tragic as that incident is (we now have four kids without a mother), I'm waiting for the obligatory misogynistic comments that will inevitably go around (perhaps not here).


Have you ever had cold eggs?


All kidding aside, cold eggs taste just fine. Especially with tabasco.


I truly, truly hate my state.


that's jacked


That is one shitty trailer I know people that live in nice modulars but that pic right there is straight poverty. Without a doubt dope is involved.


My neighborhood is filled with trailers like that. Even when I was a kid (Around 7-8) I would go to my friends house to play and it still felt cramped. I couldnt even imagine being one of 5 grown adults living in one. Well,atleast the bacon wasnt cold.




BAH! Cholula is the superior hot sauce.