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5 Shots of Winstrol?


My mates GF found his stash and made him throw it out (I personally would have just hid it again in a better place) so anyway he gave me 5 ampules of Winstrol 50mgs each, as I am currently cycling just test alone, would it be worth adding this winstrol EOD for 10 days?

Or is 5 x 50 mgs not really worth doing?


I feel very happy today :smiley:


Damn you boys need to handle yo bitches! LMAO

Just joking bro. It won't do "nothing" but if it where me I'd do one of three things. Save it for another run. Get some more and run it like you're supposed to. Sell it.


or it can use in low doses as oral to improve his cycle, winny according to AR last articles is a powerful aid to free more test, if used orally, it binds very well to SHBG


Damn C, I was going to say that also. I forgot about it right after I posted my responce. Nice call, btw once again cool article by AR there.


he says he has amps, though.


Ar said you CAN drink winstrol, im not sure if he meant from the amps though, it is only crystalised in water so I can't see why you can't drink it


Anyone else?