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5 Round

Practice as you play is a golden rule that has been instilled into me as an athlete at a young age. I have been doing some conditioning for an MMA friend of mine, I developed a workout as a check point of his conditioning. It was designed to mimic a real fight, with each round working on different aspects of MMA conditioning. It is as follows:

Round 1: Standup
1 Min Elastic harness sprint outs
1 min Battling ropes
1 min Muay Thai kicks
1 min Heavy bag
1 min Heavy bag suplex

Rd2:Takedowns/Ground work
1 min Zercher sandbag squat
1 min Deck squat/push up
1 min Kettlebell pistol presses with a 100lb sand bag on chest
1 min Bag ground and pound
1 min sand bag bridges

Rd 3: Gas out
Tabata bootstrappers (4min)
1 min push sled (20 yrds for time)

Rd4: Lactic acid removal
1 min bear crawls for distance
1 min sand bag bag hold
1 min Ring L-Sit
1 min Chin bar dead hold
1 min Kettlebell hold

Rd5: Final push
Push sled challenge (40m each way, 60 seconds for each push, left over time is recovery. 6sprints)

It’s a doozy and only recommend it every once and a while. Setup takes a while and you need at least 1 trainer (2 makes it go more smooth). Give it a try!

This seems like something that sounded like a good idea.

while that might be a challenging workout, i don’t think it really mimics fight conditioning…

sprawls, walking lunges, etc could easily be added, as well as shrimping and other striking drills.