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5 Reasons You Don't Look Like a BB'er

  1. You spend more time asking questions about what to do, rather than getting your ass out there and doing it.

  2. You spend more time reading and arguing with people on forums, rather than reading articles or books from some of the best coaches and authors in the business.

  3. You can't describe the training style of Arnold versus Dorian, Ronnie versus Mentzer, or Nimrod King versus Branch Warren.

  4. You substitute pull downs for pull ups, leg extensions for squats, machine presses for heavy ass benching.

  5. You still think red meat and egg yolks are bad for you. HA!

For those who have a physique worthy of noting, please add......


Some good points, but you aren't exactly huuuuuuuge yourself mate. Maybe this sort of rant should wait a couple of years?


apparently it's cool for everyone on the internet to hate something or someone. also it seems using the term "no homo" is a pretty big hit also.


I don't really think any of them are actually good points.


Everyone is dieing to be the most hardcore guy around.

  • Still believing


Well now at least I know what to do next in order to get big..

Inform myself of the difference between Nimrod King and Branch Warren style of training.

Fuck me.. wasted so much time.. ! arggg


I'm a bodybuilder and I can't compare the training styles of the listed bodybuilders.

I think it has a lot do with people eating like crap and not knowing how to eat.

Take a look a the 'velocity inspired diet' for an example.


Yeah, not being able to describe the training styles of these bodybuilders is a reason why someone "sucks" and doesn't look like a bodybuilder.
The second post in this thread was right on. Do you honestly think you look like a bodybuilder? Compared to those you mentioned, you look like a twig.

I think it would be best if YOU spent less time on forums and more time working on your physique (which I actually think you listed as being a reason for "sucking" and not looking like a bodybuilder).


Hey dratner, I'm not trying to come off as an offensive poster, but what exactly is the point of this thread? I've seen the articles written with headlines such as "Hey fatass why are you still typing?" or " Soo Mr. Annorexia, read THIS." The Insluting titles are just retarded.

In higher reguards, I hope this thread doesn't end up with people actually listing off why everyone else sucks, there is enough agression on this site as there is. You don't have to act like you're pissed to have a lot of testestorone. Unless someone has some scientfic stuff to throw on the table.


And i believe everyone is regurgitating the same old sarcastic comments to try and inflate there ego and make them feel like one of the big boy vets...who have actually gone through the processo of trying to debunk these "myths" and common themse among gym goers.

  1. Training for 6 years (but only 2 seriously)


Fuck you (no homo).

Get it? I hated on someone, and I said no homo.


haha. yea, not this board so much but bb.com. where the person will make a comment like nice ass bra, no homo.


Scratching my head at #3. I can't tell you the differences between their training style, nor do I care that I can't.

As far as #4 goes, once your strength gets to a certain level, you HAVE to use machines for safety reasons and to protect your body. I DO know Dorian said that. :wink:

I applaud the sentiment, but you sound like you got angry at someone at the gym and came on here to vent.


Lol, noticed that too.


LOL, checkmate.

I've always found it funny when people write stuff like that.


LOL I see. This is the only bbing board I go on.


The thing i find annoying is the way it onein particular was described.


that is a completely bias statement towards the free weight bench press and also implying that you cannot go heavy on machines.


he's 196, been trainin seriously for 2 years, and now I guess he is THE fuckin man, he can tell those little newbs who are still 185 what their problems are, and why they suck, because he obviously doesnt.

I know people at my gym who dont even call themselves bodyuilders that would put you to shame OP, so until you get to be around 230-270 and are huge, and actually tried to help out someone who is struggling a little bit, then you suck and arent a bodybuiler.

Sorry BBers to hijack your thread, I usually stick to the PL thread. Seeing this though just pissed me off.

I have never even though of seeing a post like this in the powerlifting section.


Get strong enough on the exercise and place the focus on the right muscle-groups and it will make little difference whether you're doing free-weight bench or HS plate loaded isolateral bench... As far as bodybuilders are concerned... I'd really be careful with the exercise-selection point. I can agree that doing a ton of exercises per muscle-group is a waste of time, but the actual selection... Well...