5 Push-Up Variations for Strong Guys

Push-ups should remain a staple exercise for you, even if you’re past the newbie stage. Here are five variations for advanced lifters.

Most lifters with 300 pound bench presses think they’ve graduated from push-ups. They think that since they can lift so heavy now, a simple push-up can’t deliver any benefits for their strength or development.

But test half of these heavy-lifting guys out on a straight set of strict push-ups and you’ll see them start to shake like a leaf around rep 15. That’s absolutely pathetic. Being strong doesn’t mean you’re in shape. And if you think push-ups are a chest exercise, you have a lot to learn, young grasshopper.

In truth, push-ups hit almost everything on the anterior chain (especially the core) while giving your shoulder blades a chance to move in a healthy manner during a pressing pattern for a change, since they’re not pinned against a bench.

If you have push-ups down pat, then take a look at adding some of these advanced modifications to your program:

Close Grip

Staggered Hands

Band Resisted

Feet Elevated

Single-Arm Deficit

I don’t care how much you can lift – if you’re not good at a bodyweight staple like push-ups then you have some work to do, and maybe some weight to lose.