5 Pro's BBB, Assistance with Myo Reps?

Hello guys, i’ve just came across myo reps/cluster sets/rest pause. Has annyone used it on accessory or assistance movements? Currently running 5pros bbb, would it make difference if i’d do pull push legs assistance as myo reps?

My personal thoughts, having done both BBB templates and some CT programs with intensifiers like myo reps/rest pause is that that would be too much. Also, from my understanding, one of the advantages of the intensifier methods is to keep volume low, while BBB is by nature a high volume program.

That said, I think it would work fine if you use 531 progression for the big lifts (just doing the 531 sets with no FSL, BBB, etc…) and then add 3-4 intensifiers after.

High volume barbell training with high intensity assistance? Probably not a good idea.

You just came across myo,cluster,r/p, but Jim didn’t.
If he felt that was best, he would have programmed them in…but I don’t see them anywhere.

Actually Jim does talk about rest pause in his book, and I believe even in an article on here.

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Within the confines of a particular template (/challenge) that he’s personally tried and tested. If that’s your thing, OP, you aren’t going to get much better than the version Jim wrote and tested himself.

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You are right. I forgot about 5/3/1 and r/p . I stand corrected.

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