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5 Plate Dinner


Whats up everybody, just havin some fun with this vid, deadliftin heavy for the first time in a while. I weigh 178 at the moment 20 yrs old. Thanks for your time


Nice pulling! Ive seen a few of your squat videos and you've got some serious strength. How long have you been training, and what kind of programming do you follow?


You're really good at not hyperextending at the top or ending up in APT. What cues and/or exercises help you with this?


Nice pulling.

Saw you squat at Raw Nats. What's next competition-wise?


Thanks, I started lifting light at 7th grade. Started getting consistent freshman year (14 yrs old). Started squatting at 15 years old (max was 265 ATG first time squatting). Started deadlifting just a couple years ago.

I'm going to come out with a 6 week program come summer. I do some different things, tried a bunch of methods. I'll say right now I think Westside is bad, Wendler is ok, Max OT by Jeff Willet is actually great even though its for bodybuilders, what I'm gonna do is going to be a mix of periodic 6 week cycle moving from higher reps, to higher volume, to strength/power, then to a week of supramaximal overload, easy heavy week, then max out.

I'll be all % based on your max, so you can enter you max and it'll have everything formulated. I am a big fan of % based programs in the long run


What does APT mean? To be honest with you, I dont have many cues that I focus on with deadlifts. My problem has always been getting it off the floor, which I have been solving by taking a narrower grip,keeping the elbows tucked, and pulling back.

Other than that, I just stand up with the weight. I never rushed into heavy weight, thankfully my dad taught me from the start good form or dont do it at all. So I pretty much trained my body to just drop the weight if I ever get in a compromising position


haha raw nats wasnt a good time for me lmao. I'll be going to NMU for olympic weightlifting this upcoming semester, and then in the summer come home and do powerlifting.

I havent seen too many athletes do both oly lifting and powerlifting at the same time, but I think I can do it.

I'll likely do a smaller USAPL meet and then raw nats again. I'm not gonna lift in the 165 weight division anymore, I'm 178lbs now, and am going to slowly grown into the 85kg class for weightlifting


Raw Nats will follow the IPF classes in 2013. So it's 83 kg. Check into that.

Good luck.


Anterior pelvic tilt.


Ahhhhh ok. To be honest I dont really think about those things specifically. What I do is just alot of general athletic work. I do sprints, yoga, ect. I used to be a long jumper in college so I really think that doing more dynamic exercises added onto lifting can really be beneficial. In my opinion powerlifters tend to neglect that aspect. Oly lifters seem to do it though since they cant hide any inflexibility


I'll go ahead and add that this little dudes a beast and the athletic movements he talked about helped me a ton when i added them in sporadically.