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In this week’s T-mag:

T-Vixen Defined
by TC

Bustin’ Ass 101
by Dave Tate

Branding Iron
by Chad Waterbury

Nobody Move! : Part Two of the Just Suck It Up Series
by Lonnie Lowery

Iron Dog
by Don Alessi

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Very good sheet. Always great to see anything from Dave Tate. I enjoyed the Atomic Dog a lot too.

I bet MD loved the Atomic Dog.

Tate kicks ass.

I like to think of myself as a strong, assertive woman who does not take shit from boys (since men are usually are smart enough not to throw me shit), and do not need any type of reassurance from guys that I’m good lookin’ or worthy. I know I’m damn sexay.

BUT, this AD has just solidified my belief that I’m just not a T-Vixen. Just not. I’ve never been presumptious about this ever. I train so that I am not as feeble as a Victorian Secret model or any model, or “Top 10 T-Vixen” featured girlie.

That’s not liked around these parts? That type of attitude? Sorry. Don’t mean to be so individual. And I had thought that was liked around here.

Tate’s stuff rocks!

I like this word “sexay”.

Easy Patricia. It’s liked. Trust me.

way to go dave!!!

Mann agreed I’ve seen patricia’s pics…niiiice. Tc’s article was fantastic, kinda reminded me of back when he wrote for mm2k (J/K). BTW I see TC is also a big fan of P.H.P.

Strong individual women are liked. Ones that bitch about stupid crap are not.

Oh, and don’t confuse “individual” with someone that just bitches about stupid crap lol. That’s your mistake.

Morg, how is she bitching about stupid crap? If you are too dumb to understand her statement then it is not her fault.

Yeah, let’s all carry on about something that doesn’t matter. I love it when people do that :smiley:

mor(g)on is a prime candidate for a post-birth abortion.

He could auction off the privilege of flipping the switch to raise $ for the “Keep our gene pool free of morons like this Society”

MBI - Still wondering how long you can live in your mommies basement


I have better things to do than argue on an on-line forum, so I’ve found a picture that I think sums up what I had to say pretty well:

Dear Monkeyboy

Go “Fuck” myself?

…and what would you know about fucking?

All of these women here are to much for you.

It’s Sunday morning, shouldn’t you run along back to Pokemon 2000?

Tell your Mom, I said “Hi”

MBI - Wonderin’ why the short bus is always parked in front of mor(g)ons house

P.S. Please do not dismiss the PBA out of hand. A collection has already begun…give it some thought

Monkeyboy’s got issues.

trying to imagine what kind of guy needs to go around calling people on internet message board names

And why do I have to know anything about something for me to suggest you doing it? That’s the dumbest comment I’ve heard all week. You shouldn’t be calling people morons making statements like that lol

I do not remember calling you any names. You must be thinking of someone else who thinks that your posts are a waste of time and that you have the social value of Genital warts, it certainly wasn’t me.

I DID however suggest a PBA. I have collected $36.80 so far.

How about it?

MBI - Using adjectives where they need to be used

oh, I suppose I imagined the whole “mor(g)on” thing.

funny how monkeyboy came back to this site telling people to stop talking shit and get into the gym. now he is doing exactly what he preached against.