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5 New Articles Up!

In this week’s issue of T-mag:

Attack of the Blue Whales: Atomic Dog by TC

Heavy Metal by Ian King

Change It Up! by John Romaniello

Cy-Borg by Cy Willson

Hungry, Hungry Hormones: Part III by John M. Berardi

Reader Mail

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Just to clarify the letter in reader mail about college coaches and scandals. The prior coach of Alambama was Mike Price. Mike Tice is the head coach of the Vikings of the NFL.

Let’s see that Roman kid put together a program using the techniques and lifts he talked about this week.

Oh come on…you know people with ADD can’t write training programs about bacon with sunshine. Wait. What were we talking about?

Okay, enough joking.

If you guys want to see the programs, send some feedback to um…feedback. Assuming there’s enough interest, there may be an article about this in the future.