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5 Months Progress/2 Months into First Cycle. Am I Doing Something Wrong?

the OP had posted something that was taken down…

Yeah, I saw those two posts. Didn’t notice they’d dissapeared.

Find it slightly telling that all the sensible advice above about lifting hard and eating right was more or less ignored, but as soon as someone pops up offering to sell him cheap steroids he’s all ears.


After rereading some of the post … No amount of gear is going to matter.

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There is a simple hack, not going to share it, but the OP is jacked,

More that I read in this thread the more questions that pop up.
Let’s see supposedly worked out with football team when in school. At the moment has been at it 5 month 2 of which has been on half a gram of test a week. But at this stage can only put up 185 for 2. Which makes me think he has zero work ethic . Or he needs to rethink what hobby he is doing.

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Hey OP here is what someone your own age can do without being on gear . With just a little effort , consistency and a half decent programming.

Do I spy proud dad?

of course… but it also comes in handy with making a point. Two birds one stone.

Why are you running gear at this point? It’s just stupid. You’re going to cycle and put your mind/body through a roller coaster when you haven’t even built a base for yourself. You look like you’re in your first couple weeks of lifting. you need to come off the gear and focus on your diet and building strength on the compound movements, bench/squat/deadlift/overhead press/weighted pullups. You should be able to build to a 315 bench, 400 squat, 500 deadlift, and bodyweight OHP in your 20s with a few days per week and decent programming. Come back in 5 years.


What program and diet is he doing? Impressive

Kept it simple… had him run 5/3/1 on the core lifts with some ground rules. On assistant stuff varied it based off of what I felt he needed at a given time. ( currently not running it at the moment)

Diet… just as simple. Kept the protein high and advised him to make smart choices and not eat like crap. Pretty hard to do since his college cafeteria didn’t always have the best food options .